CCMaker Latest Download 1.3.7 [2020] Windows & MacOS


CCMaker is used to crack Adobe applications. We know that it is not easy to crack adobe software.


But using CCMaker it becomes easy. It allows you to bypass every kind of license verification of any Adobe software.

If you are like me, who can’t afford adobe expensive licenses? Then you have landed in the right place.

Amazing Features Of CCMAKER:

  • Download and install only products with a new type of distribution (in terms of internal terminology Adobe – type HD package).
  •     Download only what the user chooses in CCMaker. Additional components and language resources are available for selection.
  •     If the product has additional components, then the latest version of the component will be offered to download.
  •     If the product has language resources, only files that can be downloaded (in the case of uploading) or are present on the hard disk (in case of installation) will be offered for download/installation.
  •     Several downloadable products of the same length can be combined into one Master Collection distribution.
  •     The downloaded distribution contains only one product folder with the necessary files and is compatible with the original Set-up.exe installer (in the case of Master Collection only partially). Of course, when using Set-up.exe, you also need the packages and resources folders from some official distribution.
  •     When installing the product, CCMaker uses only the products folder, which contains the driver.xml main file and the folder with the component files.
  •     The installation of the product is based on the processing of JSON files containing information about components, and pimx files containing instructions for installing files, making entries in the Windows registry, creating shortcuts, and launching programs.
  •     The emulator AMTEmu from PainteR (god bless this man) is applied to the installed product, the original file amtlib.dll has the extension .dontdelete, do not delete it unnecessarily.

Editor’s Choice:

CCMaker Download:

Just click on the link below and you will be redirected to the CCMaker download link. From there you can download your file.


Disclaimer: Team CSHAWK [CyberSpaceHawk] does not promote piracy. You are responsible for all the actions you take…

Final Words:

The CCMaker is really an amazing tool for the one who can’t buy adobe’s license for now.

Team CSHAWK doesn’t recommend you to use this tool anyhow.  As it eventually promotes piracy.

This article mentions everything regarding CCMaker. Still, if you face any problem let our team CSHAWK know about your issue. We will surely try to fix your issue asap.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Do I Need Adobe Account for CCMaker?

No, You don’t need to have a valid adobe account to use CCMaker.

Is It Available For MacOS?

For Sure, it is available for MAC too. – 15 Proxies/Mirrors To Unblock [2020] image is one of the best solutions to enjoy your favorite ad-free content related to movies and TV shows.

The is fully loaded with a massive library which is updated on regular basis.

The library containing TV shows, Movies, Videos, etc.

People really enjoyed using this service to watch their content.

But now the matter is changed. is now entirely blocked in most of the countries such as USA, UK, etc.

Furthermore, it is blocked in countries that have a huge user base of this service.

Therefore, most people are not able to enjoy or watch their favorite TV shows or movies through and you are also one of them…

If you are thinking that why these amazing services/websites are blocked by the ISP.

The reason is that they stream copyrighted content on their website for free which violates the law.

Therefore, copyright owners have full rights to take down such websites at any point in time.

 What are and its Proxies?

If you are not aware of the

Let me give you a brief introduction to it.

Basically, it was a website where you can search for your favorite content related to movies, TV Shows, etc. for free without even spending 1 cent.

Now that sounds amazing, right?

But the problem is that these websites are hated by copyright owners as it violates the copyright policy of their content.

Due to streaming to pirated content.

Copyright owners filed so many cases against this causing shutdown of the service.

Still, there are many ways through which you can access this website.


They are:

  • Visit Proxies/Mirrors.
  • Using a VPN connection.

In this article, we will talk about both of them.

Starting from the VPN to unblock the blocked website.

Editor’s Choice:

Using Proxies to unblock

If you are not looking to use a VPN connection.

There is a solution for that.

Basically, a free VPN provides very less speed and the paid one is really expensive.

Therefore, if you can’t buy a paid VPN.

You can either use proxies as an alternative to that. – 15 Proxies/Mirrors To Unblock [2020]

Here are some of the best proxy website which you can visit to enjoy your favorite content.

These lists are updated on a regular basis.

Still, these proxies stop working at a certain point in time.

But there are 10 proxies so you can use any one of them which works fine for your country and system.

You can google the name as the URL of these proxies are changed on a regular basis.

Therefore, it is very hard to keep all of them updated in a list.

So, you can just copy the name below and google it.

After it, click on the first link. You will find your results.

Updated on: 13 June 2020

SL. No.1Movies Proxy/MirrorsStatusResponseLink
1.1movies.isOnlineVery FastVISIT
2.1movies.cloudOnlineVery FastVISIT
3.1movies.laOnlineVery FastVISIT
4.1movies.chOnlineVery FastVISIT
5.1movies.plOnlineVery FastVISIT
6.1Movies UnblockedOnlineVery FastVISIT
7.UK ProxyOnlineVery FastVISIT
8.1Movies.cabOnlineVery FastVISIT
9.Hideoxy proxyOnlineVery FastVISIT
10.US ProxyOnlineVery FastVISIT
11.1movies.liveOnlineVery FastVISIT
12.www3.1movies.isOnlineVery FastVISIT
13.fastdramaOnlineVery FastVISIT
14couchtunerhubOnlineVery fastVISIT

Using a VPN to unblock

Using a VPN seems a bit complicated for new users.

Therefore, let me give you an introduction to using a VPN connection.

VPN is a software that allows you to surf the internet from another location, from another IP address.

Using a VPN is quite simple.


  • Step 1: Download and install the VPN.
  • Step 2: Sign-in or Sign up for the VPN service.
  • Step 3: Connect to the desired location just by selecting it.

If you want to know in-depth about VPN you can refer: What is VPN? How does it work?

Now you’ve successfully connected to a VPN connection and now you can surf any banned website in your country.

Disclaimer: Cyberspacehawk and its team are not responsible for any actions you take or do online. We are strictly against piracy and also we don’t even promote it. We respect the copyright owners and their work. This article is only for educational purposes.

Top 10 Alternatives to

If you just don’t want to use or want to try something new.

Here is the list of top 10 Alternatives to

These alternatives were really hard to find for us.

But for you, our CSHAWK team spent almost 2 weeks to find the best alternatives for you.

We hope you will enjoy it…


Vumoo can also become a nice alternative for

Apart from the amazing UI like Netflix and other paid services.

Vumoo also provides amazing HD quality videos that you can enjoy.

Vumoo requires a good internet connection.

Also, it allows you to watch all the videos offline.

You can watch Movies, TV shows, etc. on


#2 Kiss Anime

This website is entirely dedicated to Anime lovers.

It only streams Anime content in Full HD quality.

You can watch all sorts of anime on this website.

Luckily this website is updated on a regular basis.

This means you can even watch the latest anime release after it has been uploaded on the website.

This website can replace your favorite service only if you are an anime fan.


#3 Viewster

Viewster is an amazing service which you can use for an alternative.

It is a very good service providing an updated content library for its users.

You can prefer this too.



This website is no different from other websites/services on our list. It works exactly the same.

Speaking very frankly.


#5. 123Movies

123 Movies is one of the best alternatives in our list.

This was also banned by the govt. but you can still use it by its proxies.

Thus, we have provided you with the working link right now.



#6 Niter Movies

First, the quality is very important, and Niter has all the movies online in the most highest quality HD 1080p.

But maybe you are thinking that this quality affects the speed of the videos, but no, the charge is super-well and the movies never stop playing.


#7 SONY Crackle

When it comes to SONY, the name is enough to define its service.

If you are not aware of the crackle by SONY.

This is the time to know about it.

Crackle is a US-based OTT video streaming platform that is a joint venture between Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.


#8 Snag Flims

Snagfilms streams over 10k+ old classic movies on their server.

If you are the lover of old classic then this website is definitely suited to you.


#9 Kodi

Kodi is an open-source home theatre program that is made entirely to benefit the users.

It is a non-profit technology consortium.

Furthermore, it is even available in various operating software which gives a slight edge in its usage.


#10 Classic Cinema Online

If you are a great lover of old classic movies.

This service could help you with that purpose.

Its library has a lot of old classic movies which you can watch seamlessly.


Bottom Line:

1MOVIES.TV is really amazing service. Isn’t it? let me know in the comment section below.

In this article, Team CSHAWK has researched and mentioned the best live proxies for the United States to watch your content seamlessly.

The list of all the proxies and mirrors for is updated on a regular basis.

Also, on many requests. We’ve added the list of alternatives to

We hope you have liked it.

If you are fan than this article would help you to watch your favorite website for free.

RARBG – Free Proxies/Mirrors Unblocked [2020]


RARBG is one of the best alternatives out there to download your favorite movies for free. The website acts as a BitTorrent Tracker.

This website is still very famous among all as it has an amazing library of movies and the library is updated on a very regular basis. Some reports even claim that the website is very popular that it has almost 1Billion users every month.

As the returning users are the power of the RARBG service.

How to unblock RARBG?

Unblocking website those are potentially blocked by the government is not that difficult only if you know the exact path.

Basically, when govt. blocks a website.

They block it in 2 ways: ISP Side or Server Takedown.

If a website is taken down from its server. There is only one way to access it that is using Mirrors listed below. If the website is blocked in your countries it might be blocked via your Internet Service Provider i.e. your ISP.

The website blocked by ISP can be unblocked using a VPN connection. This article is in detail about everything!

Use VPN to unblock RARBG Official in US:

Using a VPN seems a bit complicated for new users. Therefore, let me give you an introduction to using a VPN connection. VPN is a software that allows you to surf the internet from another location, from another IP address.

Using a VPN is quite simple.

  • Step 1: Download and install the Desired VPN.
  • Step 2: Sign-in or Sign up for the VPN service on their website.
  • Step 3: Connect to the suitable location just by selecting it.

If you want to know in-depth about VPN you can refer: What is VPN? How does it work?

Now you’ve successfully connected to a VPN connection and now you can surf any banned website in your country.

What is RARBG Mirrors/Proxies?

Mirrors are basically a replica of the original website. For example, my website’s domain name is that is connected to server “X“.

Therefore, any other domain can be too connected to the same server “X“.

If the servers are the same despite different domains, the content library on each domain will remain the same. Govt. can ban a single domain of the official website but can’t block all the domains linking to the same server.

Therefore, there is no end of the Mirrors/Proxy websites.

Mirrors of RARBG are just a replica of the original website which will do work the same as the original website does before.

Mirrors are created as:

  • Unblock blocked websites.
  • Changing the server location helps to increase content loading speed.
  • Helps to manage traffic to servers.

As these amazing mirror websites don’t show up in the google results as the algorithm of Google is designed for not doing so.

It is very difficult to identify the genuine website in a bunch of thousands of fake websites.

RARBG – Free Proxies/Mirrors Unblocked [2020]

Here is the list of the websites that you can use as an alternative to the original website.

Rarbg Proxy/MirrorsWebsite ListStatus
Rarbg Proxy 1
Rarbg Proxy 3
Rarbg Proxy 4
Rarbg Proxy 5
Rarbg Proxy 8

You can click any of the links. If that link is not working you can check out for another link as these links too might be blocked.

Therefore, you can click any of them and then select the best one according to your location and connection.

Editor’s Choice:

Is RARBG Safe To Use?

Disclaimer: Team CSHAWK[] is strictly against the violation of laws and piracy. Therefore, actions done by you are your own responsibility. This tutorial is only for educational purposes.


In this article, I’ve mentioned about the best ways to unblock RARBG website for free.

The website is very good for people who love watching movies or TV shows.

If you face any issues regarding this tutorial let me know via the comment section below. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

OCTOSNIFF – Download Version 3.0 PS/XBOX IP Sniffer



If you are a console gamer and play on Playstation or XBOX.

Then Octosniff is the best tool for you to sniff the IP addresses of players playing with you on your console (PS and XBOX). This is simply a network research tool. The tool allows you to sniff the information of other people/players you are playing with.

Octosniff actually sniffs the packages and decrypts the usernames in them. Which usually no tool does.

Editor’s Choice:

Octosniff Highlights:

  1. No Jailbreak or mods required.
  2. Built-in ARP spoofing.
  3. Logs Exporting feature enabled.
  4. VPN Optimised.
  5. GEO IP enabled.
  6. Works on Playstation and XBOX.
  7. Detailed information can be enumerated.
  8. Easy and simple Setup.

If you are simply looking for octosniff free download. I am really sorry but it is nowhere on the internet right now as Octosniff’s official version if uploaded on 3rd party website gets removed.

BUY OCTOSNIFF – Ultimate PS/XBOX IP Sniffer:

It costs just $20 to buy the normal tool for your console gaming. You can even go to the ultimate version. Going ultimate would cost around $30. If you want to buy it. You can buy if from the button below.



In this article, we’ve explained to you about the Octosniff ultimate toolkit to sniff all your other player IP playing with you. You are now aware of everything regarding this tool.

If you love our content on Octosniff. Make sure to leave a comment down below and motivate our team.

Androrat Apk – Download Latest Hacking App 2020

Androrat apk


You may be scanning for applications that you can use for hacking. Androrat APK is outstanding amongst other hacking applications that you should have in your Android Phone.

It is very easy to enumerate any information about the phone using Androrat with just a click.

This application is a mixture of Android + RAT (Remote Access). This can be used to enumerate all the information about a phone running JAVA.

Let me tell you an interesting thing,

Using this application you can even find out the information about the Android phone using your network. This application is built for ethical hackers for pen-testing. There are a lot more ways to hack an Android.

You can do so using the Metasploit Framework. But that is definitely not for beginners. Metasploit Framework can’t be used if you are not excelled in Linux. As it is not user friendly. Only geeks can control it.

Using an application like Androrat is very good and favored.

As it does not create any sign of hack in the victim’s phone.

Introduction to Androrat APK:

It is an open-source app. Open source typically means that you can view its source code. For example, Windows is not open source. Linux is open-source.

You can even edit the codes in Linux, not in Windows.

It is a kind of mobile malware that an attacker can use.

It allows the attacker to hijack the victim’s Android mobile via the Remote Access Tool (RAT). This application is entirely developed in JAVA and first released in 2012.

You can use this application to have access control over one phone or device using your PC using the server application.

How Androrat Apk Works?

Let me tell you that there are many applications available like this one to do the same thing. Therefore, the working of these apps is similar. For this, you will need to use Social Engineering to install any application that has bonded malware.

For your help, Social Engineering is manipulating the human brain.

More than half of the attack globally is done via this technique. Now, when the victim will open the application[malware Bonded].

The app will get connected to the server or your computer behaving as a server.  Therefore, now you’ll have access to use any feature of that phone.

You can even counterfeit phone numbers and much more.

Androrat APK automates or eases the process of binding the application with a payload [Malware] with famous apps even Facebook, etc.

So, by doing so the victim won’t be knowing about the application and would install it.

You can’t hack PUBG using it. If you want to hack PUBG. Read: PUBG HACK

Amazing Features Of Androrat APK:

As now you know that Androrat apk can perform every action[root] that an attacker needs to completely exploit the victim.

You might be interested to know about its features cause this app is very famous among hackers.

  • Can hack Windows + Mac.
  • Read personal messages.
  • See the GPS location.
  • Extract the WIFI password.
  • Upload Files to victims’ devices.
  • Record Videos.
  • Click Snaps.
  • Monitor the victims’ devices entirely.

The Androrat APK can be used, not only to hack Android but also to Windows and Mac OS platforms too. This application can allow an attacker to read personal messages very easily.

Also, the attacker can see the exact GPS location of the particular exploited device.

Even the WIFI Password saved in the phone can be accessed. Most importantly you can upload or download any files that you want from the victim’s device.

You can even use it as a Spy to record videos and clicks photos.

So, at all, I must say that this is a monster application that can be used for any purpose by the attacker.

Androrat Apk – Free Download Latest Hacking App:

If you want to download the Androrat APK. Just click on the link below to start the download:


Editor’s Choice:

How To Use Androrat APK?

Using the apk is quite simple, after reading this tutorial. First, let us discuss the required things needed to run this application.


  • A computer with Java installed.
  • WIFI router.
  • Android Phone.
  • High-Speed Internet.
  • Router enabled with Port Forwarding.

If you will use the application with firewall turned on, this will be potentially blocked. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it. So, make sure you disable it for sometime while performing the experiment.

Below is the Tutorial:

  • First 1: Port Forward[6667]
  • Second 2: Create a NO-IP account and setup noip.
  • Then Download DUC that you will find on the NOIP website.
  • Open DUC and then press “refresh”.


  • After downloading Androrat apk from the link below.
  • Open Androrat binder.
  • Look at the upper side. Select “noip” from the tab.


  • Now save the information from the NOIP website and click on “Update”.
  • Select the Build tab from the top.


  • In the IP section: Enter the hostname. Enter the port that you’ve forwarded.
  • Now press the “GO” option.
  • You gonna see a file named “framework.apk” in the androrat folder. The file which you are going to see is the bonded application with the payload. In order to successfully use it. The victim must install it.
  • In the Androrat folder open “androrat.jar” file.
  • Click on Server >> Port[Enter Forwarded Port].
  • Restart the Jar file and you are all set to start using your tool.


Disclaimer: The tool provided by our website is only for educational use and ethical purposes. Therefore, any unethical use of the tool is not supported by us and we do not have any responsibilities regarding it. Use it at your own risk if you want to. Thank you.

Bottom Line:

Androrat APK is an amazing application for hacking android devices easily.

But as a pentester, I don’t prefer you to use any of these apps. Also, team CSHAWK has mentioned the list of best alternatives for Androrat APK.

For sure those alternatives don’t work like Androrat but they are also android hacking applications. Just try to build up your own and make use of it.

If you really want to try you can try.  Still, if you want you can try the apk for free.

If you are downloading and using the application you are doing it at your own risk.

If you want any help from our team regarding Androrat apk. You can contact us via the comment section below. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

May you and your family be healthy and happy… Love From Our Team CSHAWK

Coke and Popcorn- Best Alternatives [Updated 2020]

coke and popcorn

Coke and Popcorn were one of the best video streaming sites on the internet to watch your favorite TV shows, Movies, Series, Animations, and more.

However, this website is not live now due to some copyright issues and other problems.

This website was taken down last year which is 2018.

After the website was shut, movie lovers were intensified as they were now unable to watch any of the videos.

Therefore, if you are one of them.

You can still watch your favorite videos using the alternatives of Coke and Popcorn listed below.

If you’ve found value in this article make sure to leave feedback in the comment section below.

Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives in 2020:

When the original website was live, it has a huge user base. After the website was shut down.

The users shifted to paid platforms, which was not habitual to them.

Even you are searching for the alternatives.

Therefore, all the listed services/websites are totally reviewed and tested by our team.

Furthermore, let’s enjoy it.

Updated on: 8 June 2020


Coke and popcorn

TUBI TV is one of the most popular videos streaming websites.

That can be a great alternative to watch movies.

It was released in 2014 and has gained popularity very soon.

You will be very happy to know that it also has its own app.

Yes, on app and play store both.

You can search, download, and use it for free.


#2 Solar Movie:

coke and popcorn

SolarMovie is one of the best alternatives to coke and popcorn on our list as it doesn’t require registration.

Using it is quite simple, just visit the website and start streaming your favorite movies or series, etc. without any typical hassle.

You can even watch 4K videos on this website for your favorite video.

Furthermore, it has a huge library containing so many movies that you can enjoy.


#3 Popcornflix

coke and popcorn

PopcornFlix was launched in the year 2010 as an alternative to the coke and popcorn website.

It also has a large library that is loved by most of its users.

You can too use this website to watch your favorite videos.




You might be knowing that copyright owners are strictly against these kinds of websites.

Despite knowing that these amazing websites keeps all the track of latest movies and videos and includes in their library that users can enjoy without any hassle.

Even you can watch videos in FULL HD and 4K.


Watch Series Unblocked 2019 – 35 Proxies for

#5 ShowBox

Coke and popcorn

I am thinking, what I can say about this service.

Even on our second website.

I’ve posted an article entirely on Showbox only.


Showbox provides you with amazing high-quality movies and tv shows.

Furthermore, the content library is updated on a regular basis to provide users with amazing content.


#6 PutLockers


Putlockers don’t have a particular website which you can use.

However, you can search for live domains on Google Search.

It also allows you to watch Hollywood movies totally free of cost.

#7 Crunchyroll

coke and popcorn - CrunchyRoll apk

Crunchyroll is also one of the best alternatives to coke and popcorn in the market.

Its service is so great that I’ve posted an article on my website about it.

Yep, you are right.


Fans of anime, Magna, and drama this app are for you. Crunchyroll is an American distributor, publishing and licensing company focused specifically on anime streaming.

Androrat Apk Free download Latest Android Hacking App

#8 Chillax

coke and popcorn

Chillax is also an alternative to cokeandpopcorn website.

The best thing about its service is that it provides video free from all sorts of advertisements.

The problem is that it provides paid service but with a 14 days trial period.

If you are looking for a paid alternative, this one can be a great option.

#9 Yidio

coke and popcorn

The thing that I love the most about this service is that it keeps its contents up to date.

Yidio is perfect in updating its content library

They even have their own app which you can easily download via the app or play store in your device.

Furthermore talking about this, service is full HD and buffer-free.


Editor’s Choice:

#10 BigStar Movies


BigStar Movies is a very famous alternative for cokeandpopcorn.

They provide fully updated content.

Therefore, you can watch your favorite movies, videos without any hassle.

Even you can stream all those programs on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

You can even buy the premium program for this service.



coke and popcorn

Vumoo can also become a nice alternative for Coke and popcorn. 

Apart from the amazing UI like Netflix and other paid service.

Vumoo also provides amazing HD quality videos that you can enjoy.

Vumoo requires a good internet connection. Also, it allows you to watch all the videos offline.

You can watch Movies, TV shows, etc. on


#12 Kiss Anime


This website is entirely dedicated to Anime lovers.

It only streams Anime content in Full HD quality.

You can watch all sorts of anime on this website.

Luckily this website is updated on a regular basis.

This means you can even watch the latest anime release after it has been uploaded on the website.

This website can replace your favorite coke and popcorn only if you are an anime fan.


#13 CMovies:

coke and popcorn

This website is not different from the other websites on our list.

Cmovies can be used as a backup if other alternatives aren’t working.

It even has a fast streaming google server which will provide you seamless content.

It works with all the devices and has a simple UI.


Is Coke and Popcorn Banned?

Yes, it is completely down.

Why Coke and Popcorn is banned?

Very simple. This service used to provide paid content for free. Thus due to a lot of copyright issues. It was taken down.

Bottom Line:

Coke and Popcorn were very famous but is taken down due to some issues.

Therefore, in this article, there are a total of 12 listed services that can be used as an alternative to coke and popcorn.

If you were a true fan of the service then this article could help you.

If you enjoyed our article on coke and popcorn. Make sure to leave a comment down below and appreciate our team for their efforts.

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