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Enable Notepad++ Dark Theme Simply in 2 minutes

Notepad++ is no new for you, right? You have preferred this text and source editor over others multiple times. Here is the info regarding Notepad++ dark Theme.

Notepad++ dark Theme

Can you guess what is the best feature of an on-screen application? Its THEME!!

The pondering of users over various themes is not uncommon. The dark theme looks trendy plus soothing. If an app doesn’t allow a dark theme feature, you have the full right to demand it.

Meanwhile, let’s look at these best eye-catchy Notepad++ dark themes.

Notepad ++ Dark Themes:


The beautiful and most recommended theme for Notepad++ is LUNAR THEME.

Are you tired of using old-schooled notepad++ themes that come by default? Well, this reason has brought you and us together here.

The Lunar theme not only supports syntax highlighting for gmod13 libraries but also MySQL and gm_navigation modules. What? Shocked? We were too!

It gives you the feature of more highlighting than the old one-gmod Lua Lexer theme. This is enough to force you to go with it!


Here is a screenshot that gives you an idea of how the Lunar theme appears.

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The credit for developing this theme goes to Peter Faria. A whopping 1470 downloads assure you of its best quality.


You will view the background color as black but it provides a color combo of green, white, pale, and yellow.


This is no doubt one of the awesome themes for notepad++.

You can get it directly from Github and update it from time to time.


It offers you syntax highlighting and black background.         

#4 Material Dark Theme:

This theme comes with a soft texture of Monoco font which suites our eyes. You can even use this theme in your notepad ++. You can increase the brightness of your screen if you have a little problem viewing this theme.

How to Install a theme?

Sounds like a tough job? Let’s dismantle into simpler terms!

Drop the XML file of the theme you want to choose into your C:\Program Files(x86)\Notepad++\Themes folder.

Notice the screenshot below to have a proper idea of how it looks.


How to enable Notepad++ Dark Theme?

Call it Dark Theme or Dark Mode or Night Mode. All are somewhere the same so don’t get confused with these tricky terms.

Ready to activate a darker theme for your Notepad++? Follow the steps below and you are done!

  • Launch Notepad++ in your PC.
  • Check into Settings.
  • Tap on Style Configurator.
  • Dropdown Select Theme is visible. Click on Deep Black.
  • Next, Click on Save And Close.

Finally, you will see a dark background that contains text in white.

It is not that you have to choose only Deep Black. There are other options like BlackBoard, Twilight, Vibrant Black, Plastic Code wrap, etc.


To Conclude

In the world of programming, Notepad++ is very famous and most convenient for programmers. Working day and night on this is unambiguously acceptable.

Enabling a dark theme will let you work at night too without straining your eyes like before. The intensity of blue rays is lesser in the latter case so ultimately danger is less.

We hope you can use Notepad++ more comfortably now. If you still face any issue, feel free to reach us.

We love solving them and try our best to fix it out.

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