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Emuparadise Alternative – Top 9 Best Alternatives

Emuparadise Alternative: Every soul in the world loves playing and especially video games which remains everyone’s primary hobby. I always wondered what made people admire old video games and finally, I found that it is its old Rustic look. There are a lot more games that help us to keep our mind and body stress-free. 

Emuparadise Alternative

Emuparadise is one such kind of thing that helps the users to download and play retro games that they wish to play. We all know that Google Play was the topmost suggestion for downloading old games, but as time pass by Google Play’s fame faded. Due to some legal issues, the site was closed in the year 2018 which led many users to linger and search for another option. 

As expected, many websites started the marketing business by introducing features as an alternative. Meanwhile, Emuparadise gave its comeback like swag and took back its fame again. However, many users found that they could not download all types of games and ROMS hence they found a solution by providing some alternatives. What is the purpose of these alternatives? It will help the user to download any old retro games easily without any complications. 

Top 9 Best Emuparadise Alternative:



    Gamulator is one of the best alternatives of Emuparadise that is available in the whole market world. With the help of this gamulator, one can download all kinds of old Retro games and this site will provide the users with a list of ROMS as an advantage. The users can also download those ROMS if requires. If you are looking for consoles, then you must definitely try this app as it consists of a user-friendly interface. There is a search bar from which you can search your requirements. It is also a hundred per cent safe and secure to use. 


The emulator zone

    The emulator zone is another best way from where you can find old retro games and can download them. The ratings for this emulator are numerous hence you can trust and use it. There are many emulators like PlayStation and much more. It is quite safe and harmless too.


    The old computers consist of enormous libraries of old retro games and have more than seven thousand games that can be downloaded too. Interesting right! This website can be accessed from any devices like Android and iOS. 

4. MY BOY 

my boy

    My boy is available on google play and it can be downloaded from the Google play store. The speed of downloading is faster while comparing to other websites and has emulation ability which helps in the adequate capacity of the battery.


rom hustler

    This website consists of numerous games that can be downloaded on any gadgets. The old and popular game SuperMario can also be downloaded from this website.

6. Loveroms


    Loveroms is a new website for installing old games and according to your PC’s console, you can download the game. It is the newest website yet it safe.



    Doperoms is also an alternative to enuparadise that helps you to download and play old retro games. The games can be downloaded from laptops and computer systems. 

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retro games

    Like the name, this website provides a user to discover old lost retro games and it also provides suggestions for prime games that can be downloaded. This website is completely free and it has a user-friendly interface.


cd romance

    It provides lots of ROMS for different games which are safe and secure to download and play. 



    The last and final best alternative is Romsmode which has different hosts like SNES, NES, and much more. The user can find the required console games before searching.

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