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Enable Amazon Dark Mode on Website & App in 2 minutes

Looking to swap a white background with a white one? Tired of searching for ways to set up Amazon Dark Mode?


Your search ends here.

It is not just you but millions out there who find it difficult to give a tough glare on screens. Spending a good portion of time staring at a bright screen is the worst thing you can do for your eyes.

But still, you do and it is understandable.

Why not make it less painful? And why should you do that?The fact that the dark screen emits the least amount of blue rays than the white screen justifies the reason.

What happens exactly is the blue light contributes to confusing your brain about the time. This results in disrupting sleep. We are sure that you are not ready to compromise your health when there are alternatives available.


How to enable Amazon dark mode?

The largest eCommerce platform by far! Amazon is user-favorite owing to its incredibly short and sometimes cheaper delivery.

It successfully sells pretty much anything. Read it again if you think we just lied.

Remember the time when you spend hours on hours to pick the correct product? Placing an order is not an everyday thing you do so you give worth research, read the reviews, check the ratings, offers applicable, and many alike.

Studies show that 67% of Amazon users are using it through desktop or laptop.

These activities cost you a great time on screen in gross, isn’t it?

Now imagine the discomfort caused to your eyes. That’s not worth it, right?

Let’s see how you can come below the discomfort line and place yourself in your comfort zone…

Don’t miss a single step!

  • Install Night Eye by searching on the Amazon app itself.
  • Click the icon and open the extension. You can find it next to the address bar in your system.
  • Generally, you find everything in the English Language as it is the default language there. You can change it if you wish.
  • Refresh the page. check Amazon site and you will notice Amazon Dark Mode in your device.

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How to enable dark mode on Amazon Kindle App?

If you are one of the avid readers, Amazon Kindle is no far from your reach. Right?

By activating a dark theme, you can read your favorite books without hampering your sleep quality.


Follow these instructions step-by-step to view turn the theme of Amazon Kindle app into the darker one.

More > Settings > Color Theme for iOS versions.

If you own an android device, you can head to… More > App Settings > Color Theme

What’s more to know?

Look, if you are a novice in handling this site, don’t bother much. Keep using the default dark theme. It works well.

When you are well aware of the feature and ‘how-to’ things, opt for the customization option. This option includes a blue light filter, brightness filter, color change feature, and many alikes.

If you don’t customize the settings, you won’t lose anything. Night Eye automatically enables a dark theme for every site you visit.

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