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Moviebox App Review: Is it legal? Full Information!

To know about the reviews, first being familiar with the basic intro is more essential. Excited to know Moviebox app review? Good! Let’s have a fast glimpse over what is Moviebox and how it works!


Basic Intro

As clear with the name, Moviebox is a very popular streaming application that lets you watch movies and TV shows for free. Yes, you heard it right, free of cost, that too in HD quality!!

Not just this, Moviebox hosts around 60K movies and TV shows.

It understands today’s demands so you get the online plus offline feature. You can watch it sitting anywhere anytime.

No need for broadband connection all the time. You can download your favorite movies to give it a watch later. No buffering, no interrupting ads, endless pause, and replays- all in supreme quality. Just imagine!

Wait! Why imagine? Moviebox has turned this imagination into reality. So, you can give it a watch now.

Currently, there is another updated version of Moviebox and the original version is closed. The features are the same as the old ones. The updated version is available as ‘Moviebox Pro’.


The supporting devices

If you want to download and use Moviesbox, you should read this section of Moviebox app review for sure.

The app was developed and designed keeping in mind Android devices. Installing the app on an android device is next to nothing. Even a novice can do it for you.

The catch lies with other devices. If you are an iOS user, to your dismay, installing Moviebox can be a difficult thing. We just said ‘difficult’ and not ‘impossible’.

The rule is simple.

  • If you own an iOS device, access Cydia impactor first then downloadMoviebox using it.
  • If you are a Windows or Mac user, opt for emulators(like Bluestacks or anything you want). Then install Moviebox.
  • You can use Chromecast to stream it on any screen you wish. The in-built cast icon allows you to do this with ease.

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Is Moviebox free or paid?

We can gladly repeat what we told earlier. It is free. Free to download, free to access the contents. If you still want something better than this, you can purchase the premium or VIP version.

By this upgrade, you will get access to…

  • You will be able to download videos in HD quality.
  • No disturbing ads.
  • Customer support is admirable.
  • Apple TV app
  • Android TV app
  • ORG source

The package looks like this…

  • $3.99 – 1 Month
  • $17.94 – 6 Months
  • $23.88 – 12 Months (1Year)

VPN is necessary

Before you jump into the download process, it should be made clear that you need a VPN for this.

It is extremely important if you wish not to land yourself in leg issues. Have a VPN that supports torrenting.

Legality issues

You CANNOT IGNORE this section!

And you shouldn’t. Moviebox is ILLEGAL.

Yes, you got it just right. It is not legal because all they do is stream licensed contents free of charges. So, it’s up to you whether you choose to use it or not.

If you ask us, we never recommend violating any law and playing with privacy issues.

Thanks for stopping by! Come again if you want more reviews like this.


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