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Microsoft Fixed 111-CVE Numbered Flaws

microsoft patches security flaw

Microsoft Corp. has recently fixed 111-CVE Numbered flaws.

Out of the 111 flaws. 16 are know to be critical flaws.

Although, none are under active attack.

Among the vulnerabilities of note that have been patched are: CVE-2020-1135

The Vulnerability in the Windows Graphics Component that could allow attackers to escalate their privileges on a compromised system and do things like steal credentials, install malware, etc. The vulnerability is found in most Windows 10 and Windows Server builds and Microsoft deems it “more likely to be exploited.”

CVE-2020-1118: Vulnerability in Windows’ implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) that could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to continually reboot the target system, resulting in a denial-of-service condition.

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