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Pitney Bowes Again Targeted By Black Hats!

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Pitney Bowes, it again the target of Maze ransomware in a year.

The cybercriminal group behind the increasingly dangerous Maze ransomware strain alleges it has successfully encrypted systems at mailing and shipping services firm Pitney Bowes, less than a year after it was hit by an alike attack.

Ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts your entire computer data.

And asks for ransom money in bitcoin to unlock all data.

If unpaid, it would format all the data.

Maze ransomware has also hit famous insurance companies.

The October 2019 attack on Pitney Bowes encrypted information on systems and locked customers out of its SendPro products, postage refill, and account access, but the company said no customer or employee data was compromised.

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