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How To Delete Instagram Posts On PC – Full Guide

Instagram-the top-performing social media site where the community is growing every second. Here is the info regarding How To Delete Instagram Posts On PC.


Unequivocally, Insta is replacing Facebook to some extent now. People are moving from Facebook to Instagram but the later doesn’t provide as many features as Facebook has. Facebook is right now ruling social media but we can’t estimate the exact future of these sites after more years.

We haven’t gathered here of the comparison of the two but to know how to delete an Instagram post on PC?

But trust us, it is always good to swim through the basics before actually drowning into the depth.

Analyze Your Decision

Are you sure you want to delete your post from Instagram? Yes, there must be some reason behind this and after all, you are the owner of your account.

But you should know that the algorithms of Instagram are a bit against frequent-deleting-posts. Once you do it, you can’t undo later.

If you delete contents often on Instagram, such activity will be considered as unusual there.

What We Recommend?

You want that post to become invisible for other users, right? How about archiving the post? Come on, you are aware of this option.

The interesting point is, you can always get back to this post without actually spending hours in your Gallery and Drive.

You delete or archive, the results will be the same for your followers, they can no longer view it.

So, archiving a post is better for you in all respects. Instagram won’t track this activity on the negative side. After all, you are not deleting it!

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Can you delete Instagram posts on PC?

Well, if that question didn’t include the word ‘PC’, the answer would be Yes with a straightforward explanation.

But here comes a catch…

You can delete any of your posts on Instagram through your Smart Phone. Follow the instruction if this is the case –

Open Instagram. Then Profile button > Choose a Photo > 3-dotted icon > Delete > Confirm.


But if the case is different that is to delete the same on PC, can you?

In this respect, you are out of luck. There is no direct way to delete an Instagram post on PC. If you wish to view the post or use other features of the app, you surely can.

However, opting for an alternative way can serve the purpose. Eager to know how? Time to explore….

An alternate way to delete an Instagram post on PC

  • Install Android emulator like Bluestacks on your system.
  • Open Google Play Store and sign in.
  • Install Instagram using an emulator you just installed.
  • Enter the correct credentials to log in to the app.
  • Visit your profile and select the post you wish to delete.
  • Can you see the three-dotted icon present in the top right corner of the screen? Click it.
  • Tap on the Delete option.
  • Click again Delete.

This alternative method will surely be of help. When you are done, refresh your page and you will notice that the post is no more!

Did we stop too early? Is there something we can add to this?

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