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Snapchat Dark Mode: Enable and use it in 2 minutes

Snapchat is the new common and have built a strong community of fans worldwide. Everyone is aware of the exciting filters that Snapchat offers for each snap. Here it the info regarding Snapchat dark mode.

They look cool. The trend of night-moving is so high then how come a famous app like Snapchat stays away from it? 

Yes, you have got it right. We have written an article that revolves around the topic- Snapchat Dark Mode.

How many times you have experienced discomfort using an app in its day mode? Many times!

It is not uncommon. The blue light emerging from the screen is deadly for your eyeballs if you love sitting on the couch with the screen on all the time.


Dark Mode- A Short Intro

Dark mode or Night Mode is a setting that you set up in your device so that the color scheme turns into a darker landscape.

You will feel the need for this mode more at night or when there is dim light surrounding you.

Now the question arises- why do we need it? At night, the light around you is dim as compared to daylight. Your device screen throws up the same intensity of light every time, making your eyes strain.

So, the solution is enabling Dark Mode. This mode makes the interface darker so that the screen light doesn’t feel like choking your eyes.

Are you thinking to apply Dark Mode for your favorite Snapchat app? Let’s see if you can…

Is Snapchat having a Night Mode?

Shockingly, Snapchat doesn’t have an in-built Dark Mode. Interestingly enough, many Snapchat lovers have created a petition to force the makers to include this feature.

You are not completely out of luck as some workarounds might be of your help.

Read on to discover…


Can you use Snapchat Dark Mode in iOS?

Are you an iPhone user? Well then, Nightmare can help you.

No no, we are not scaring you away.

Nightmare is a UI tweak that lets you circumvent the limitations of Snapchat.

It was developed several years ago and millions of people are using it now.

But here comes another tricky part, you can not avail it through the App Store. You have to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking is not a new term for our regular readers.

Have your iPhone jailbroken and then proceed with the steps below.

  • Launch up Cydia.
  • Install iFile.
  • Look and download the Nightmare package you require.
  • Click Open in > File.
  • To extract the package, click on the installer.

When you are done with installing, restart Springboard. It will take effect.

It will look closer to this.


But Jailbreaking may result in a ban from Snapchat. If you wish to look for something else, try inverting the colors on your iPhone. This way you can avoid Jailbreaking.

Click Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors.

Consequently, your screen looks darker than before but not like a night-mode one.

Enable Twitch Dark Mode in Browser & Android

Can you use Snapchat Dark Mode on Android?

Follow these steps to apply dark mode.

  • Enable UnknownSources.
  • If you hold SamsungGalaxyS8 or higher, install the SamsungIntegration app.
  • Install Substratum from Play Store.
  • Open it and choose the theme you want.
  • Select your device name there.
  • Choose Snapchat (the app you want to apply the theme).
  • Install it.

You will have Snapchat Dark Mode on your device.

Enjoy using the app.

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