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Fluxion – Future of MITM WPA Attack! Complete Guide


Fluxion is an amazing tool used to crack WiFi. It enumerates wifi passwords through social engineering attacks. In this tool, you need to perform every attack manually.

The tool is compatible with your Linux OS.

Fluxion – Future of MITM WPA Attack! Complete Guide:

Fluxion first scans for the target Wi-Fi network. After obtaining the network, it will start the ‘Handshake Snooper’ attack where it will attempt to retrieve WPA/WPA2 password hashes (the four-way handshake) for key verification.

Finally, the “Captive Portal” attack will be begun which will create a rogue network and captive portal. Fluxion will then find an identical password when the target enters the correct password into the dummy network.


Kali Linux’s latest version or 2019.1 will do the work.

Installing Fluxion:

  1. Download the latest revision:
git clone [email protected]:FluxionNetwork/fluxion.git

# Or if you prefer https 

git clone https://www.github.com/FluxionNetwork/fluxion.git

2. Switch to tool’s directory

cd fluxion 

3. Run fluxion (missing dependencies will be auto-installed)


Fluxion is also available in arch

cd bin/arch

or using the black arch repo

pacman -S fluxion

Available Fluxion Options:

-v or --versionPrints script version & revision.
-h or --helpPrints help information.
-d or --debugEnables debugging messages & behavior.
-k or --killerKills processes using selected interface (UNSAFE & DISCOURAGED).
-r or --reloaderReloads the selected interface’s wireless driver.
-n or --airmon-ngEnables the use of airmon-ng for monitor mode switching, rather than fluxion.
-m or --multiplexerEnables the usage of tmux, rather than xterm (currently not implemented).
-e or --essidTargets the specified ESSID (requires BSSID, & channel to be specified).
-b or --bssidTargets the specified BSSID (requires ESSID, & channel to be specified).
-c or --channelTargets the specified channel (requires BSSID, & ESSID to be specified).
-l or --languageSets the language to be used for the command line interface.
-a or --attackSets the target to be launched.
--ratioSets the xterm windows’ ratio.

For detailed information and available options for attacks, click on the ‘documentation’ button below.

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