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Top 5 Best Tools For Bug Hunting! [2020]

If your dream is to become a Bug Hunter, it can become a reality…

Learning Bug Hunting is not that difficult.

You just need to move ahead in the right direction.

Well, this article can help you a bit.

To become a Bug Hunter, you need not to have a great college degree or qualification.

If you are dedicated to it.

You can surely learn it.

In fact Cyber Security has a very wide opportunity in the future.

You can observe the need of Cyber Security in this Coronavirus crisis.

Who is a Bug Hunter?


Let me explain like you are five.

Let us assume,

A new service/website/application is launched.

It has some faults known as vulnerabilities.

Which if discovered by bad hackers (black hats), can surely cause harm to that service.

Thus, a good hacker (white hat) finds for faults (vulnerability) and instead for using it for own good.

They do report it to website or service admin.

So that admin can fix that vulnerability and make their service more secure.

A White Hat hacker who finds and report vulnerability to particular company is called as Bug Hunter.

You can also call Vulnerability as Bug too.

But Bug Hunters don’t do bug hunting for free.

They hope for a reward in exchange.

And they do get it.

Admin pays Bug Hunter according to the severity of the bug they discovered.

Some of the most critical bugs are CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection, etc.

Top 5 Best Tools For Bug Hunting! [2020]:

Here is the list of some of the best Bug Hunting tools that are widely used.

If you want to learn Bug Hunting.

You surely need to learn them all.

Also, it is not very difficult to learn these tools.

They can very much help you in your journey.

To learn these tools listed below,

You can search it on Google, YouTube, and get as much as resources as you can.



A tool very famous among hackers.

BURP SUITE is based on JAVA.

It is Web Penetration Testing Framework.

Security professional use this tool very often.

It acts as Interception Proxy.

Burp Suite helps you identify vulnerabilities and verify attack vectors that are affecting web applications.

This tool captures and analyses each and every post and get request being sent and received by the browser to a website.



OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is worldwide non-profit organization focused on improving the security of software.

It is totally free as it is part of OWASP community.

Furthermore, it is open source.

You can perform passive and active automated scans through this tool.

People even use it as an alternative to Burp Suite.

BURP SUITE Professional is not free.

Thus, OWASP ZAP can help you in that.

#3 Dirb


DIRB is a Web Content Scanner.

It looks for existing (and/or hidden) Web Objects.

It basically works by launching a dictionary based attack against a web server and analyzing the response.

But it is not available in GUI.

You can use it in your Linux’s terminal.

DIRB main purpose is to help in professional web application auditing.

Especially in security related testing.

It covers some holes not covered by classic web vulnerability scanners.

#4 GoBuster


Gobuster is a tool used to brute-force:

  • URIs (directories and files) in web sites.
  • DNS subdomains (with wildcard support).
  • Virtual Host names on target web servers.

This can too be used to help your Bug Hunter journey.



Nmap is a free and open-source network scanner.

NMAP is short form of Network Mapper.

Network administrators use Nmap to identify what devices are running on their systems, discovering hosts that are available and the services they offer, finding open ports and detecting security risks.

NMAP helps security researchers in finding the ports in a server.

Though Nmap has evolved over the years and is extremely flexible, at heart it’s a port-scan tool, gathering information by sending raw packets to system ports.

It listens for responses and determines whether ports are open, closed or filtered in some way say cause of firewall.


People usually find it difficult to start their Bug Hunter journey.

Just because of lack of proper guidance.

Moreover, if you are dedicated no one can stop you.

“Just believe in yourself.”

There are some free courses on the web.

Which can help you to learn more about Bug Hunting.

One Advice from the author, “The more the experience, the better bug hunter you are”.

Thus, keep learning. We hope that you found value in our article, if so do share it to all your friends and relatives and let them know about it.

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