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How to install Direct TV on LG Smart TV – AT&T TV on Smart TV

You know about smartphones, right? But have you heard about smart TV? Direct TV on LG Smart tv is an app installed on your LG Smart TV where you come across the latest trends.


A smart TV is the one that allows you to enjoy a mobile phone + Television features. Let’s make it simpler. A smart TV are the next trends after smartphones where you can play games, install apps, enjoy internet surfing, engage in online calls and much more out of the box.

Ready to dive in?

LG Smart TV is like any other smart TV andWebOSis linux-kernel based. But you cannot find Direct TV app directly on its App Store.

However, you can cast it through your smartphone or PC. A smart TV has its own casting app that you can figure out easily.

The Good News

LG has announced to upgrade its platform and expand its roster in an effort to offer 4K and HD streaming of DirectTV to the subscribers.

It means you will be able to watch full HD DVR content on your smart TV using a genie HD DVR without any extra set up. Yes, you got it right! No set-top box at all.

You can expect this by September 21, this year.


Steps to Install Directv now on LG smart tv:

You know that LG Smart TV has a WebOS system in it. WebOS is a Linux-Kernel-based multitasking operating system specifically designed for smart devices.

Presently, you cannot get access to Directv now on LG smart tv.
directly like you did on Samsung TVs.

  • Take the help of a casting system. Search for Screen Share App on your LG smart TV.
  • Click on it.
  • Follow the instructions to connect your phone or PC to the smart TV.
  • Now you can cast anything you want from those devices.
  • Enjoy streaming.

Features you get on DirectTV On LG Smart TV:

1. Lightning speed performance

Whatever you are doing on DirectTV OnLG smart TV – opening Home Menu, installing applications or accessing settings, your smart TV will boost up the process. No longer waits anymore!

2. My channels section for quick access

Now you can customize your favorite live streams and other channels on the launcher bar. So that there is no hassle when you search for them next time.

3. No more distractions

When the magic cursor passes through the buttons on the screen, the vertical buttons activates on the right side of the screen so as to minify distractions.

4. The input selection feature

You get access to quick menu option to get faster outcomes of a variety of inputs.

5. The modern-looking live menu

The live channel list you view on your smart TV is the updated one. It appears modern with more detailed information.

How to update Direct TV on LG Smart?

If you an owner of WebOS 1.0 TV, don’t worry about the update because you will receive the update automatically.

If you are not in that category, again no need to worry. You will receive a pop-up message on the TV screen. Just follow the instructions and get the upgrade on your Direct TV on LG Smart TV.

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What’s more?

  • Improved user interface
  • Layout with more intuition
  • Convenient shortcuts
  • Faster boot-up time
  • Quick response
  • Easy switching between applications

Wind Up

You can get a Direct TV app through casting and explore more as we earlier stated. Also, you can wait for automatic updates and reveal amazing features. Both will do great.

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