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VLC For Roku: How to get VLC for Roku (Free) (Updated)

VLC for Roku: Do you want to play a multimedia file right now? Let’s contact the client-VideoLAN Client (VLC).

VLC allows you to pay your favorite multimedia contents from your store as well as from online sources. VLC is compatible with various devices and operating systems.


Today we will focus on one operating system- ROKU.

VLC for ROKU gives you a convenient remote and friendly interface designed keeping in mind your comfort. You can control the settings and enjoy watching sitting on your couch.

How to get VLC for Roku?

This may be a bit disappointing that you can not install the VLC app directly on your Roku because VLC is an unofficial media player for the Roku channel store.

If you want to sideload the app on your Roku device, you have to look the other way round.

It doesn’t end here!! We are up with the alternative.

An alternative to install VLC for Roku

Screen mirroring or casting is the only alternative to get VLC for Roku.

Here is how you can install VLC media player on your Roku device.

#1 Method- Casting on Android to Roku

  • Connect the Roku device to the TV.
  • Enable Wi-Fi and link your smartphone and Roku to the same internet connection.
  • Next, install the VLC app on your smartphone.
  • On your mobile smartphone, open the settings.
  • Click on the Connection and Sharing option.
  • Now, press on the Cast option and click on the blue button to enable it.
  • Some search results appear on the screen. Choose your Roku device from there.
  • Once connected, your TV screen displays your phone’s content.

Doable, not much complicated, ain’t?

#2 Method- Casting on Windows to Roku

  • Know your TV’s HDMI port? Connect the Roku device to it.
  • Connect the Roku and PC to the same broadband connection like we did earlier.
  • On your Roku device, you find the Screen Mirroring option. Got it? Click on it to enable.
  • Install VLC media player on your computer and launch it.
  • Figure out the notification icon and click on it.
  • Select the connect option to connect with the nearest available device. You can simply type your Roku device name there.
  • Launch VLC player on your computer screen and you will see the same on Roku connected TV screen.

Things to know

You can play multiple video formats, MPEG codes, H.246 code, MKV, WMV, MP3, MP4, and many more.

The VLC app is free and doesn’t demand any dime for it.

The app is ad-free so no interruptions in between.

The app is safe to work on as it doesn’t give you any malware or spyware. Plus, no tracking of your activities from outsiders.

Final Words

Choosing VLC for Roku over others is a good thing to do and we recommend doing so as it turns out to be completely safe on testing.

We explained both the methods so that you can install VLC For Roku and enjoy streaming. Still, if you have any concerns, we embrace them. 

Drop a comment below and let us know if you have anything to share with us.

Stay tuned.

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