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Cain And Abel Download + Tutorial {Updated} [2020]

Each one of us has gone through a phase when we feel insecure about our account even after putting a password. This phase strongly requires a password recovery tool that makes our password stronger and our account safe.

What is Cain and Abel?

In this article, we will introduce you with a password recovery tool and explain everything about it from scratch.

Cain and Abel is a tool that is operated on Microsoft Windows. It cracks password hashes by dictionary attacks, brute force and also by cryptanalysis attacks. 

It also uses methods like network packet sniffing and gets generated with winrtgen.exe program. Cain and Abel tries different passwords every second and decode information from hard drives.

It removes the hidden passwords in software packages. Learning wireless network keys is important for Wi-Fi login information.


This software is extremely helpful for those who have forgotten passwords. It works on powerful decoding algorithms and provides you with additional layer of security. In short, it can extract passwords from widely available apps and decipher a password that you view with asterisks.

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How to install Cain and Abel?

Don’t worry about the data it eats. The entire installation eats up only 10 MB. After updating your PC follow the steps below.

  • Type Cain and Abel download in search window. click Download.
  • Click on the green colored button only which suits for your PC.
  • Wait for a moment of seconds. The process starts automatically.
  • Once the software gets downloaded, double-click on the Cain and Abel Setup.exe file from Downloads folder to install it.
  • Next, follow every steps whatever installation wizard displays.
  • Wait for a while till the installation procedure is completed.
NOTE: Before installing this software, make sure you disable your antivirus.

Cain and abel Download:

You just need to visit a page. cain and abel download

Over there you can easily download cain and abel software.

Things to know

Cain and Abel is considered as malware or virus so it gets blocked at times. Disabling antivirus cannot affect it though and installation gets done smoothly. This is the reason, it is famous as ‘false positive’.

It has simple interface that makes it user-friendly.

It handles weaknesses present in protocol’s standards.

The best thing about Cain and Abel software is that it doesn’t find password by mere using general bugs and errors present in your Operating System. Instead, it works on analysing logs, cache, brute force and goes through stored conversations.

Operating System

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

These are easy-to-go with the software.

Why Cain And Abel?

  • This software is totally free- no hidden charges.
  • It helps you to check the strength of your password.
  • You can recover passwords with this software quickly and easily.
  • It works on password cracking methods.
  • It adds another layer of security to your accounts.

Features of Cain and Abel:

  • It works as an LSA secrets Dumper, Sniffer, Service Manager wireless scanner.
  • It uses the technique of cryptanalysis attacks if required.
  • Brute force attacks are other means of password recovery tool.
  • Additionally, it is able to use dictionary attacks and passwords hashes.
  • Any IP can be resolved
  • Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) can be recorded.

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