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{Updated} Mystic Messenger Email Guide [2023]

Mystic messenger Email guide is a game that can be played on mobile. It lets you organize a party and win the main objects of your affections.

Game?? Wow!! 

Hold on! It is not so cool tempting game which you are thinking of. It asks real commitment. 

Continue reading this article if you want to know what is Mystic Messenger Email Guide and how it works.

You can be surprised or irritated at the never-ending barrage of notifications. Actually, it is not never-ending. It can end if you just remove it or don’t install in the first place.

This is the a-real game. Not like physical ones though. But the opportunities from the game keep on popping all hours of the day.


Things you need to know:

In this article, we will guide you on how to play Mystic Messenger Email Guide and you will be able to solve and set it up yourself. You will understand the Hearts and HG currencies, the work procedure of chat and load systems, etc.

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Character route through Mystic Messenger:

  • Zen’s route walkthrough
  • Yoosung’s route walkthrough
  • Jaehee’s route walkthrough
  • Jumin’s route walkthrough
  • 707’s route walkthrough
  • V’s route walkthrough

Game Modes:

There are three modes in the Mystic Messenger Email Guide.

  • Casual story

The mode where you get only three-character routes. Not to forget, it is free in the initial phase.

  • Deep story

Here Jumin and 707 routes are introduced. It requires 80 HG to unlock it non-temporarily and play.

  • Another story

In this mode, you get V and Ray routes. It requires 550 HG (300 for V and 250 for others) to open it permanently and to play. You should be alert as this mode possesses some disturbing elements.

Why the term ‘Messenger’?

This email guide is added with the term Messenger because it allows you to start a secret conversation.

It has many chat rooms out of which 10 opens up every day. The time gap between the occurrence of two chat rooms is around 1-2 hours, not more than that. 

In case you miss a chat session, it still continues. Later you cannot chat but read the previous ones.

In order to participate again in a missed chat session, press the button present beside the chat room button. Here you use 5 hourglasses and 15 in another story. 

You can purchase the next chat sessions in advance at varying amounts.

In a chat session, you basically chat with the characters.

Not to mention, the timing schedule for chat sessions are available there.

Messages can add extras to gain a few hearts but it requires quick responses. You have to reply to them instantly. 

The best part is that you can make phone calls. The contact details of RFA members are saved by default. You can receive or call back but it demands a good number of hourglasses.

These do not affect your performance in great ways but they just add extras.

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What are ‘Hearts’?

You will be habitual to this term while playing the game. In each option, you get two hearts. It could be heartbreak or nothing at all.

There are 8 hearts and each color represents different characters of the game. From day 5, you will get the highest number of hearts. Make sure you note the mode that you have selected.


In the email section, you get or receive an email for planning a party. Maintain good relationships with the guests there.

To Conclude

We hope this article gives you the required solution. Enjoy the best Mystic Messenger Email guide and explore.

Feel free to reach in case of a query. Thanks for reading.

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