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How to Fix Xbox 360 Won’t Turn On? Simple Steps!

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is truly a masterpiece of a gaming console. Xbox also happens to be the most used console nowadays. Turning on any gaming console such as the Xbox 360 appears to be an easy task. The actual hassle takes place while you locate any problem in turning it on. Your Xbox 360 won’t turn on?

Xbox 360 Won’t Turn On

There are many ways to solve this problem, but the biggest task is to identify what the problem is and then solve it.

In maximum cases, the person owning the console can solve the difficulty.

In this article we will tell you the steps to turn on your Xbox 360 when Xbox 360 won’t turn on.

First of all, let us discuss what different lights on the Xbox mean.

No light means that the console is not receiving nay power supply.

Green light means it is on.

Red light means its receiving power but is switched off and a blinking red light indicates a problem in the power supply.

The lights on the front of the console indicate a lot too.

On single red light means a hardware problem has occurred.

Two red lights mean the console is overheating.

Three red lights indicate a major hardware issue.

Such as problems with the motherboard.

Xbox 360 Won’t Turn On

Try these simple steps if Xbox 360 won’t turn on

  • Press the Power button with bare fingers.
  • Allow the console to cool down.
  • Disconnect all wires and external hardware connected to the Xbox360.
  • Look for bent pins, this indicates a short circuit.

How to Fix Xbox 360 Won’t Turn On issue?

If trying the above steps does not do, there’s a bigger problem.

The three causes can be:

1. Issues with Power deliver

power cable fix
  1. Turn off the Xbox 360 console.
  2. Unplug from the power supply.
  3. Remove the small wire from the power supply.
  4. Plug in everything after a while again. Try to switch on Xbox 360 now.

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2. Issues with Hardware

Inside Xbox 360

This problem usually occurs when the console has overheated to such an extent that the pins warp.

They lose contact with one another and hence nothing functions properly.

To fox this, follow below steps:

  1. Turn on the Xbox 360.
  2. Press and hold the sync button
  3. Press and release the eject button simultaneously
  1. Note the flashing lights that indicate the first digit. One light means the first digit is “1,” two means “2,” three means “3,” and four means “0.”
  2. Press the Eject button again to get the next digit.
  3. Do this 4 times as there are 4 digits.
  4. This is the secondary code. Look up the code on the Xbox website to know what the problem is based on the code.

3. Red Blinking Power Button

blinking light of xbox 360

This problem is accompanied by your TV displaying that the console is affected by inadequate ventilation.

Place the console in an open area wherein it has corrected air circulation.

This will save you your tool from overheating in the future as well.

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