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Wurm Unlimited Mods – Tutorial to Install

Wurm Unlimited is the standalone version of fantasy sandbox world wurm online. Players here are able to host there own servers.

So they can have one private world with their friends and knowns and can even open the world publicly for enjoying with everyone globally.

Wurm Unlimited Mods

Wurm unlimited comes with two maps in the gameplay. Both the maps are of a different styles and formats in the gameplay and you can also create your GM character on anyone of the map. There are so many locations to explore in the map like hidden caves, unique creatures and many more. It is quite adventurous as well as creative game.

How to use Wurm Unlimited Mods?

First of all Install the modloader from mode manager into your game panel.

Then upload the plugins that you want along properties file to the mods.

Make sure that you have resaved the mod launcher configuration file and then the restart the server.

Wurm Unlimited Mods
  1. Client mod installer

For installing of client mod you have to firstly install ago’s  client modloader. Always make sure that you have must installed the latest version. Before making any changes in the Wurm unlimited folder on your pc must ensure that Wurm unlimited is not running on your device at that particular point of time.

Download all the mods and then go back to the Wurm launcher folder and double click on the patcher. bat file, this file will help you installing all the mods that you have downloaded so far.

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2. Server modloader

  • For bringing dirt into a vehicle or the ground better digging is best recommended.
  • By adding  2 entries under the move menu it will allows you moving items to the center of the corner of the tile.
  • It removes skill requirement on planning of building from the players because it  provides players with no building limits and the building can be of any size.
  • Playing in craftable portal allows you to teleport in between deeds on the same highway network.
  • Helps you removing all the damage from items, floors, fences, bridges and from any kind of sources. With this mod nothing can ever decay bashing is impossible.
  • Allows you in preserving food items by using beeswax. Now the food item will be no longer edible but can be used in decoration items.
  • It is absolutely treasure hunting free, can find treasure maps by digging.
  • Provides with much better game master which can pick up items with disregard to carry limits by body strength and walking speed will not be affected by inventory wait.
  • Movement tweaks allow server admin to tweak many things which is related to movement of players and the vehicles. Also with the archaeologist tweaks admin can add or remove  items to archaeology by using a config file.

3. BoatMod

It will help in changing the effects of wind and make all the animals able to swim. Which enables to leafing in the game continously.

4. SalveMod

The best feature about the salvemod is that it adds power in the beginning of the newly healing covered names is so there is no more attention for figuring out longer cover names in your head.

5. MeditateMod

It will ensure your skills success and will provide you no delay in the gameplay.

Provides with multiplier of path questions cool down and provide skills for multiplier meditation. It also disable the distances.

6. Bookshelf read mod

You can write a book of skill with any skill which is higher than 5p and also allows you to create blank books in which you can write skills. It enables the players  to storing books in bookshelves. By choosing thumb throw you can also read books from the bookshelf.

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