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Kenshi God Mode – How to Use KENSHI Cheats?

Kenshi God Mode

Kenshi is a role playing video game. Is single player game which provide real time strategy influence. It provides sandbox gameplay features in which the player had freedom to do what they want to do in the world instead of focusing on a linear story. It allows characters to be thief,trader or myriad of other options. It has post apocalyptic fantasy settings. Player has to struggle for surviving in the game from the early stages itself. The player can also recruit characters from numerous different species to join their squad and then they can build a town of their own. It also has non player locations, of size ranging from a single building to very much complex cities. 

The gameplay

In Kenshi you have  to find the resources to build your shelters while trying to survive as many days as you could.

 The range of characters explorer from thief to many others as it will completely depends on your decision in the game. 

Downloading Kenshi commands

You have to download file containing console command from any third party website. Once you are finished with the downloading install the base folder of the game and then you have to start the games and coach as an and administrator. 

Fall activating the console you have to press the tilde key. 

You just have to start building your empire after the apocalypse and can establish most powerful survivor throughout the globe. 

Perks of cheat codes

  • It helps the players to remove hunger and can deal with starvation very conveniently. 
  • You can master all of your skills and get a early progress.
  • Can conquer places
  • Can become a mercenary by extending contracts by a large number of days. 
  • Help you in increasing your backup space
  • Making the game more interesting and enjoyable in your leisure time with the cheat modes. 

What is God Mode? 

Mod named Zatoichi,the last samurai will help you in achieving feat in Kenshi. By this you enable to god mode and become immortal. 

Player’s regeneration rate may extend to 10k  about 40 health is regenerated ever second and will provide with additional benefits of high speed and opportunity to improve your starvation skills.

With help of this particular cheat codes you will be able to govern everything that happens in the game. 

Need of God Mode

Kenshi is a well known game play with fantastic features. But the noted progress in the game might be slow as compared in other games. So in order to be becoming the master of the game it is much required to use some cheat codes to rule the game. Just one thing we have to keep in mind is that how wisely to use these cheat code and have a amazing journey in the game.

With the god mode you can become the government of the game and can run the game as the way you want. The one and only draw back of this particular mode is that it can be used only in a single race. 

Summing up 

There are no such special requirements for the working of the cheats all you have to do is pop open the game and open the trainer and have a go at it. 

The best part of the cheat is that it provides you with infinite money and with the lot of quick things that can be done in a game for getting the progression at much higher rate. 

You will really have an amazing experience with the god mode in the game and it’s regeneration features which keeps you immortal.

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