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Viooz – Watch Movies Online Free | Complete Review

The time an individual spends watching movies has increased over the years to a large extent and so are the illegal ways to watch them.  

Although illegal sites to watch movies are banned by the government but people are still using them to watch movies and Tv shows for free. The million-dollar question here is whether it is right or wrong? Don’t worry, you’ll get to know the answer through this article. 


Viooz is one of the most visited illegal websites.Itprovides its audience with the latest and the most trending movies to watch or download free of cost in many languages.

It has a large user base with more than 17 million subscribers mainly from India, America and Canada.Vioozholds the position of the most popular illegal visited sites to watch movies or Tv shows. 

It has the option to stream movies, download, or sent as DVD via mail. It provides a lot of genres ranging from Action, Comedy, Romance, etc. You can adjust the quality of the steam from 360p to 1080p as it is available in many options. 

How does Viooz work? 

Vioozhas its own algorithm which works based on the user’s interest and what they watch. It is an illegal torrent website that uploads pirated movies. The service of the site is conducted by a number of people although their location is unknown.

Individuals can choose from various options available on the site and download that movie or tv show.


Viooz earns money whenever an individual clicks on an ad or link which are available on the site, then publishers are provided with money by the advertisers. 

Many pirated versions of some superhit movies also get leaked on this side. It shouldn’t be done as it is unethical and the efforts in making a movie is wasted by publishing the pirated version of the movie.

This leads to less number of people turning up to watch the money. Eventually leading to loss for the makers. One has to face punishments if he gets caught doing such practices.

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Pros and Cons of Viooz:


  • You can watch movies or Tv shows in any of your devices from phones to tablets. Thus, it is easily accessible and one can watch it on the go.
  • The quality of movies can range from 360p to 1080p.
  • It includes a lot of genres to watch from. It gives the user ample amount of choices to choose from.


  • It takes time to access movies to download for the users.
  • It has several unwanted pop-up ads which can be irritating for users. Although Viooz won’t remove them as they are the source of its income.
  • It is not safe to use such sites as they are illegal and one should follow the law and abide by the rules or they can face punishments for the same.

Is Viooz safe to use? 

Viooz is an illegal torrent site that streams the latest movies and Tv shows of different genres. As it uses pirated content, it is not safe to use Viooz. It can carry Viruses and malware.

The authorities prohibit a person to use such kind of sites as they are illegal. An individual can get punishment in form of a fine or jail if they caught using such sites. 



We request everyone should abide by the rules and regulations set by the government. One shouldn’t watch pirated content as it can lead them to trouble.

 People should pay and watch content as it is a safer option and one should respect the hard work with which the people have made the movies and Tv shows.

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