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{Updated} Surviving High School APK – Download Latest Game

Surviving High School APK is a game for android by Electronic Arts Inc on which you can play an interesting game. The game revolves around a high school student who comes across with different problems and has to survive school life.


The developer of the game is Electronic Arts and the latest update is 1.0.9 released on July 3, 2012. It stands out no. 5 in games and ratings received 4/5. Still, thinking to join or not?

You have to be alert and decide everything wisely because it will shape up your fate. Like you can choose your own story, whom to dance with? who will you flirt with?


Game Features

  • You can present yourself a jock, a nerd, a popular kid, or any outsider as you wish in the game.
  • Bend the story with multiple dates, numerous quiz questions, and secret scenes.
  • You can play more than once and each time the story turns out different.
  • Easy and intuitive touch action.
  • Enjoy the comic-style graphics, mini-games, and funny dialogs.
  • Experience the joy of all-new episodes for free.
  • With purchase Episodes on Demand, unlock more stories.

What’s new in Surviving High School APK?

  • New art
  • New music
  • New stories
  • The option to remove ads
  • More device coverage
  • Bonus content from surviving high school the novel

You can experience your high school the way you want. There will be multiple dates, secret scenes, quiz questions and you can bend the story as per your choice.

Surviving High School has a file size of 38.80 MB.

Each time you play, it turns out to be different. Interesting stuff!

What’s-new-in-Surviving-High School-APK

Parents Need To Know:

This is an interactive game where kids play a character of a high school student and they need to answer some MCQs at critical junctures in the gameplay.

There are indeed bullies and gossips hinting at adult things just like in real life but there is nothing to worry about. Even the bad kids of the play are good at heart and the language used in the game is undoubtedly clean. New episodes are downloadable so far.

Download Surviving High School APK:

Click on the button below to start downloading.

How To Play Surviving High School APK on PC?

  1. Search for XePlayer and click on download.
  2. Launch XePlayer Android Emulator.
  3. Next, log in to Google Play Store using correct credentials.
  4. Run Google Play Store and search Surviving High School in the search window.
  5. You can directly import the apk file from your device into XePlayer to install it.
  6. Install the game on your PC and enjoy it.

Editor’s Choice:

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To Sum Up

The entire game is interesting and safe to play. You, as a player, cause the bending of the game. You can twist the story by answering quizzes.

Real high school students may find it less engrossing but teens love to play the game.

The background graphic and interaction can make you addicted to the game.

Stay tuned for more such interesting updates!

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