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CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES Apk – Download Latest Game

Call of Duty Zombies Apk is a game where you find many zombies and their dead walk. You have some weapons like firearms to destroy your enemies and overcome battles. You come across with few survivors like you whom you need to join.


Let’s talk about

Call of Duty for mobile was launched for android and iOS in October.

Call of Duty debuted a fast, frenetic Multiplayer and it is built for mobile and PC as well.

It will surely give you a royal experience.


The first-person shooter game where you need to fight back hoards of zombies attacking on you or coming your way.

Not just that you can team up with other players to enhance your performance. The lightings are well adjusted. The day and night environment, deadly walkthrough and fearful zombie faces an make you addicted to this game.

There are different versions and alternatives of Call of Duty Zombies APK which you should try once.

You cannot ignore the heart pounding and fan-favorite maps. The 50 level zombie gauntlet throws not-easy-to-win challenges to its players.

You will feel like zombies phenomenon has again risen back to life. Interesting, isn’t?

Did we forget to mention that it includes dead-ops arcade mode which is shooter-friendly game suited for mobile vets.

Oh yes, now you can unlock the modes easily by just finding the four missing coins in the menu option.


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Features of call of Duty zombies Apk:

  • You experience yourself submerged in the universe of zombies and you have to crush it in an effort to endure. The weapons are accessible all the time so you can continue your gameplay.
  • You can enjoy games in two different modes-solo or multiplayer mode.
  • You just need wireless WiFi to associate with this game.
  • In the MAIN MENU, you can purchase COD points which helps you to open entryways, revive the character and get new weapons.
  • You can play with other players side-by-side and can voice chat with them.
  • You can play it in offline mode as well.

Additional information:

  • The game was updated on December 16, 2019.
  • The current version is 1.0.8
  • Activision publishing is the developer
  • It works fine on android 2.3.3 and up
  • It takes only 46.1 MB of your storage
  • Secure mobile testing
  • You can it on Google Play


Press the button below to start you downloading.



Follow these simple steps and start eliminating zombies.

  • Download Call of Duty Zombies APK.
  • Next, extract the zip file in your PC.
  • Read and follow the instructions step-by-step which appears on screen. At the end, the game is installed.
  • Play Call of Duty Zombies APK and enjoy.


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