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Snapchat DarkMode – Activate in Less then 3 minutes [iOS]

        Snapchat is an American build multimedia app developed by Snap Inc. The principal feature of this Snapchat is that the pictures that you send will remain only for few minutes which can be adjusted as per requirement. The messages sent can also be viewed for some time only.

The location of a user can be seen by others and that can also be prevented by turning on the ghost mode. The picture can be hidden in this app just by selecting the pictures and moving those to the “My eye only” option. What’s fun in this app? It is that the user gets snap streaks which will be shown near the names. 

        While many of social media’s popular apps have received a dark theme over the past few years, few apps don’t have the dark theme feature and one among those was Snapchat. But not anymore!

Yes, Snapchat has finally got its dark theme on iOS devices alone. Don’t worry Android users, you will receive them very soon! So, how did the iOS system get dark theme mode?

Several Snapchat users on iOS devices reported few settings updated in the app which included three sections namely “Match system”, “Always light” and “Always dark”. The user can change their theme to light and dark from the settings. Although this feature is not available for Android devices, some developers have reported that Android devices can also get the dark theme by using the preference manager application.

Snapchat DarkMode – Activate in 3 Minutes

      At present, the dark mode is available only for few iPhone users as the Snapchat team is in the testing process. People from some parts of Australia and the United States can access the dark mode theme on Snapchat. The user can check whether Snapchat can access the dark theme mode in their device by following the steps given below. They are

  • Install the Snapchat app from the Google Play store
  • Open your account and tap on the bitmoji avatar in your account that is visible on the top left corner
  • On taping the bitmoji you will be shown your profile from where select the settings option
  • From the settings, search for ‘App Appearance option’

If you find the ‘App Appearance option’ then your device Snapchat has been provided with the dark mode theme and if you do not find the option then unfortunately you won’t be able to turn on the dark mode feature.

But If you see the option then tap on the ‘App Appearance option’ from where you will find the other three option mentioned earlier and select ‘Always Dark’ and then your Snapchat will appear in the dark mode until you turn it off. Since the dark mode feature is not available to everyone, we have to wait for some amount of time to get the chance of using such a feature in our devices.


To turn off the dark mode in your device follows the steps given above but instead of selecting ‘Always Dark’ now select ‘Always Light’ on the screen. The same procedure is followed for Android users too. Once the Android users get the feature of dark theme mode to their Snapchat, they can follow the same steps given above. The Snapchat developers are likely to bring the dark theme feature to all devices as for now the feature could only be accessed by iOS device users.

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