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Pentoo Linux For Penetration Testing | Complete Tutorial


Pentoo Linux is a Live CD or USB, based on Gentoo Linux and designed for penetration testing and security assessment.

Moreover, it comes with a lot of penetration testing tools.

It can be as Kali Linux alternative for you.

Furthermore, Pentoo is also available in 32 and 64-bit architecture.

If you are a geek. Then Pentoo Linux can suite you.

It is not meant for beginners.

Pentoo Linux For Penetration Testing | Complete Tutorial:

Pentoo Linux is Gentoo Linux with a Pentoo theme.

It has a lot of highlights such as GPGPU cracking software, many security-focused tools and it can be customized to satisfy your needs.

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Pentoo Linux Features:

  • Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Packet injection patched wifi drivers
  • Full UEFI including secure boot support
  • CUDA/OpenCL Enhanced cracking software
  • Kernel 4.17.4 and all needed patches for injection
  • XFCE 4.12
  • A lot of hacking and pen-testing tools (see the full list of tools)

Pentoo System Requirements:

A normal computer is enough to install Pentoo Linux.

Download and Installation:

  1. Download the Latest Pentoo ISO
  2. Verify the Pentoo ISO.
  3. Create a Live USB of Pentoo (you can set up it in a VM environment, but it may cause the failure of some features/tools)
  4. Then boot using the live USB.
  5. Configure your Internet and install Pentoo.
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After a successful installation, you can proceed with Gentoo’s Package Manager and set up your environment.

Final Words:

Pentoo Linux is just Gentoo Linux with Pentoo overlays.

This distro is definitely not for beginners.

If you are a Linux expert then you can surely prefer this.

Pentoo comes with a lot of penetration testing tools to make your work easier.

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