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Mystic Messenger Email Guide [2021]

Are you looking for some tricks? Haven’t got any then you are there to get your answers as fast as possible. 

Everyone wishes to have a good ending in mystic messenger. Here what does your good ending mean is it a powerful boost to your ideas.

In order to get a good ending, it carries a difference. And what is that difference?

Hosting a party isn’t that easy all you need is to answer these emails correctly and efficiently so that you could invite guests. You must invite a guest to RFA’s party by answering correct answers to mail. You at least need 10 or more to give a happy ending. Answer some questions through mail to enter the party.  As fast as you start you will be getting a responsibility or we can say a chance to host a party for RFA(Ricka’s Fundraising Association is a charity organization that works on raising funds for the or who needs it).

The Question Starts Here When Do We Start Getting Emails.

You will start getting emails by the 11th day and you will get a chance of hosting a party then and there. As said above to host a party you at least need 10 guests. Probably this condition would satisfy if you are playing in a normal mode. If you are there in V or R ray it might ask you for a better number of guests which would be at least 15. But here you have a great chance for the best ending.

How To Invite Guest To Your Party?

It’s easy to invite guests through invitations but what if the chance is through mails. It is really a task for you. Few things you should keep in mind before sharing your mails for the invitation 

Always remember you need to have at least 10 guests for a good ending and their presence is equivalent to the way you respond to their mails.

When Would You Start Receiving Mails?

Within ten days you would start receiving emails. You need to reply to each mail with patience for three times. You need to answer to your guest question correctly so that he would come to your party. This means that even if you commit a mistake in a question your guest won’t becoming.

How you will find that your all answers are correct?

  • If you see a green arrow then that means you have answered all the three questions correctly.
  • If it is orange that means you have committed a mistake in any of the single questions.

few Tips To Have A Good Party Ending

  1. Try to give the answers correctly and get three green arrows.
  2. Don’t be impatient if you don’t get guests for attending your party sometimes they take time to prove their attendance 
  3. Try to chat and earn maximum hearts.
  4. 100 hearts are equal to 1 HG.
  5. To get a good ending reply to the messages properly.

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