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27 Best Manga Websites You Can Use To Read Manga Online

Manga is comics or graphics novels originating from Japan. The term manga refers to both comics and cartooning. In Japan, everyone reads the Manga. Here is the list of 29 Best Manga Websites you can use.


Manga includes many kids: action, business, commerce, sexuality, sports and games.

It is published in serial form. Each includes 20-30 pages.

Series of it are generally printed in black and white.

Manga is started in Japan but has earned worldwide popularity in the course of time. If you are the one who loves to read online instead of buying a hardcopy.

You can do so.

If you are eagerly waiting to read the Manga series. You can just visit any of the Manga Websites listed below.

1BookWalkeronlineThis is the most manga fan’s first choice in Japan. Bookwalter is selling the Manga books but they also have many free manga books for your choice.
2honto.jpOnlineA great and original manga site in Japan, 92% of visitors are from Japan. It provides not only eBooks but also paper books.
6mangapandaonlineIt has excellent search options.
8ComicoonlineComico is very prevalent in Japan. Please ensure you know Japanese otherwise you may have difficulty in reading their mangas.
9mangakakalotonlineTop speed, totally free!
10MyreadingMangaonlineProvide Bara, shota, furry, yaoi doujinshi, yaoi manga online.
11mangafreakonlineShare mange to promote the creator’s work
12AnimeNovaonlineProvide both manga & anime.
13Ten Mangaonline 
14VIZonlineProvide both manga & anime.
17mangaz.comonlineThis is a Japanese comic websites. All comics are free here.
18ComicWalkeronlineAs the biggest Manga publisher in Japan, Kadokawa launched its own office service to read manga online for free. You will find many popular titles here, but not all.
19crunchyrollonlineThis is a subscription service, like almost 7$ per month, but you can enjoy the 15 days free trial.
20MangaRebornonlineThe goal of this website is spreading undiscovered manga around the world.
23Otaku Smashonline 
25comixologyonlineAs the subsidiary of Amazon, Comixology is trying to build the largest digital comics platform. Here you can purchase the manga books as well as order their unlimited subscription service. What’s more, you can enjoy the 30 days free trial before making the purchase.
26MangaBoxonlineMangaBox is a local Japan manga website so you can find many free manga in Janpanese.
27RentaonlineRenta sell the comics and mangas but it also provides the free chapters for its users.

I hope all these are working for you and you are peacefully reading manga on Manga Websites.

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