How to update Kali Linux

[Updated] How to Update Kali Linux [2020]

If you are a Linux user. You might be thinking How to update Kali Linux to the latest release. So, as to use the latest tools introduced in the latest version. In this article, you’ll find a way to do that.

How to update Kali Linux

Updating a Linux system is just a piece of cake.

Therefore, you need to learn some of the basics tactics of Kali. Let’s start the adventure.

How to Update Kali Linux?

  • Checking for perfect Repositories: Just fire up a terminal and use the following command:

leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

Leafpad is nothing but the editor just like notepad in windows.

You can even use Vim or Other editors.

Now a file would be opened. Check if it contains:

deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib
deb-sources kali-rolling main non-free contrib

If you don’t find the file, which is not obvious. Just paste the above code and you are done with checking your repositories.

Final Update Of Kali Linux:

Now you are all set to update your Kali Linux.

Fire Up your terminal and follow the steps below:

  • Run the following command to update:
  • sudo apt-get update
  • Now run:
  • sudo apt upgrade 
  • How to Update Kali Linux - UpgradeAfter you run the command, the terminal will ask you to continue, to do it. Type -y and press enter.

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After executing all the commands successfully you’ll be able to update the Kali Linux system successfully.

If you face any problem regarding the article. You can comment down below. Team CSHAWK will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Have a nice day.


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