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How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft? Full Updated Tutorial!

If you want to have a friend in Minecraft that will follow you anywhere and obey your orders, then taming a stray cat might not be a bad option. Here is the tutorial for How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Cats being tameable animals becomes extremely helpful. It also has various noteable features. Therefore, it is worth having knowledge rather than directly taming cats.

There are certain things that plays a major role that player must have concern for , while taming the cats. 

Taming a cat is easy and it can be done very quickly by applying right procedures. Below mentioned are the aggregate process of taming cats.


 Raw cod/ Raw salmon

To tame a cat first requirement is to have raw cod and raw salmon. These two can be easily found in ocean biomes and rivers.

Finding Cat

Cats are not very much hard to find in Minecraft. It can be easily found in villages. Now, after knowing all these, taming cat should not become any hassle for the readers.

Steps of taming a cat.

Taming is an extremely easy process requires not much of a time. Start by collecting the raw cod/ salmon from a ocean biome and or nearby lake or river.

Then, slowly head towards cat such that they don’t get scared and run away. Feed the cat with raw cod/ salmon , till read heart is generated on the cat.

YouTube video

After the heart appears in and around the cat, this heart indicates that the cat has been tamed. Lastly, if the cat has been fed sufficiently, the heart will disappear and achieve a collar.


There is surely a lot of fun that is involved in taming cats. The features and service that these tamed cats offer to the players is also adorable and admirable.

A tamed cat will scare away creepers. It also will follow you or act as a security guard for your home and all this starts with taming the cat.

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