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How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft? Full Tutorial

Minecraft being a very popular game is worth spending time on. Lanterns in Minecraft will obviously give certain provisions to the user to his advantage.

How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft?

Lantern becomes extremely important in certain scenarios. It is an item that is used to add beauty, or are used for lighting purposes.

It is surely a must have tool in your inventory. Therefore, this article will give you a step by step guide of creating lanterns in Minecraft.

Why Should we use lanterns in Minecraft?

Lanterns can work very efficiently. Lantern help in bringing light in Minecraft. It is easily comparable to torches, but the output of lantern have greater significance.

It is also notable that lanterns do cost more while creating them. Greater number of irons are required while making lanterns.

Lanterns definitely is the best option to choose from variety in Minecraft. The only requirement that is concerning is the significant number of irons.

How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft?

How to Make Lanterns in Minecraft?

 Before making lanterns in Minecraft, you need certain essential items. These items include one torch and eight iron nuggets. Below mentioned are the steps to create these objects.


To create torch you will need a coal and stick object. Place the coal anywhere on the grid  except the third row, then place the stick just below the coal on the same column.

Iron nuggets

In order to create iron nuggets you will need iron ingot. In the 3X3 crafting grid place the iron ingot in the first box of the first column and row. Now, move the generated iron nuggets in the inventory.

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After completing all the steps and producing necessary objects, the final milestone left is to create the lantern in Minecraft.

Creating lanterns can be very easy. It is being created in a 3X3 crafting grid with proper fundamentals implemented in the process.

Place the torch in the middle of the grid. Now, lantern is finally being created by placing all the iron nuggets in all the remaining blocks in the grid. 


Lantern is really a useful tool in Minecraft. It basically discards outdated ideas. Lanterns can really be the decorative tool many Minecraft users.

It is now time to enjoy more in Minecraft and with this guide of making lanterns in Minecraft, it should never hesitate any user anymore while creating lanterns.

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