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How Old Is My iPhone? Know it in 5.3 Minutes

How old is my iPhone?’- do you have the same question in your mind? Well, stick to the end of this article to get the answer. The article guides you to know the age of your iPhone effectively. Try this yourself. So, hold on iPhone users!

What is the iPhone?

How Old Is My iPhone

An iPhone is close to a palmtop computer rather than a cellular phone. It is a great combo of cellular phone, computer, digital camera, and iPod all together with a touchscreen interface.

It runs on the iOS operating system and generally very expensive.

The only con side we see is its storage capacity because it doesn’t have an SD card slot to upgrade your storage.

Determine your iPhone’s age

Now, we are going to show some simple methods to determine your iPhone’s age.

To figure this out, you will be needing the serial number of your iPhone first. That’s the easiest part.

To get it, jump to your iPhone settings first and then click General> About> Serial Number.

You can get the serial number on the back of your device as well.

How Old Is My iPhone

Notice the 4th digit out of 12 digits of your serial number. This way, you can figure out the manufacture year of your iPhone.

How Old is My iPhone

Through Apple website

Now, you have your iPhone serial number. Have it with you and proceed. 

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Apple and check the Apple coverage webpage.

Enter the serial number of your iPhone.

Step 2:

Type the captcha code you see on the screen and click on Continue.

How old Is My iPhone

Step 3:

Next, you get redirected to the webpage where you find all your iPhone details.

The warranty period and expiry date help you to calculate the age of your iPhone.

Not to forget, Apple gives a 1-year discount to its products. It gives you a good clue to check back the exact age.

Editors Choice:

Through ‘chipmunk tool’:

The Dutch website that gives you free help to get the age of your iPhone.

Step 1:

Go to the Chipmunk website through your iPhone or PC/Mac.

Step 2:

Put your iPhone’s serial number in the required field.

Step 3:

Hit on the “Laat de informatie zien” button.


Step 4:

You will be redirected to a page where you can see your iPhone details like week and year of Production.

Why do you need to know your iPhone’s age?

If you are thinking to buy or sell a used iPhone, it is extremely important to know the age of your iPhone. You can always compare and get the better one by knowing how old it is. A pretty old phone is more likely to showcase operational issues in the future. At times, it is difficult to identify an old iPhone from its external body.


We have tested these methods on our tools before passing this information to you. You can expect minute differences while applying this because it may vary from one device to another. 

Feel free to reach us if you have any queries.

We welcome all kinds of feedback in the comment section below.

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