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Avatar 2 – Release Date, Cast, Plotline [Updated]

avatar 2 release date cast plotline

Avatar 2 directed by James Cameron is the second film in the Avatar Franchise. It is an American epic science fiction film taking up the plot after a leap of 13 years from the storyline of the first film.

Avatar , the first movie of the franchise had got quite a heartfelt response and even after so many years of its release its popularity has not died down. After set massive response and widespreadsuccess, the makers are just as excited to release the second movie as the audiences are to watch it.


The story takes a leap of 13 years from the first movie. The storyline revolves around Jack Sully and Neytiri who have now formed a family and are doing their best to keep their family intact and together.

The story takes a turn when their old threat returns to finish what they started and Jack and Neytiri are forced to leave their home and explore the different regions of Pandora and findva way out of their troubles.


There are no major changes in the starcast from the last film and the audiences will once again see their beloved starcast coming together for the second film as well.


The film was all set to release in December 2021 but was postponed until December 2022 partially due to the Covid-19 outbreak and also because of some technological glitches that needed to be fixed so that the movie comes out flawless and keep up with the expectations of the audiences.

There are three more movies in the franchise and are already announced to be released in the upcoming years.

The audiences are quite thrilled for this movie and hopes that it hit the big screens soon. But till then, the audiences can always watch the first movie once again and refresh their memories.

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