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Bitlife Mod Apk – Download Latest Hacked App

Bitlife Mod Apk

Choices are the deciding factors of our life. What we choose is what we get in life. We also have to face the consequences of our choices which may or may not alter the course of our lives. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was an app thatlet us see the consequences of our choices before we implement them in real life ?

BitLife is the gaming app that lets us know the consequences of our choices with its amazing and unique gameplay. It is a stimulation game that allows us to experience life within a game.It is developed by CandyWriter and is compatible for all Android devices.

Bitlife Gameplay:

As we know, Bitlife is a stimulator game with an astounding 5 star rating and over 10 million downloads on Google Play. The simple and unique gameplay attracts many gaming lovers from all over the world and over the years this game has got a distinct gaming community of its own.

The gameplay of BitLife is a replica of our lives and the choices we make will affect the course of our lives in this game. The game moves ahed like a story where the player plays the role of the protagonist.

The game is like a visual novel game but instaed of lines for the protagonist we have to choose the course of their actions and face the consequences which can be either good or bad.

Bitlife hack download

The whole timeline of the main character’s life is laid out infront of us and we have to make the choices as to what will the next event be.

It can be something as basic as your mother taking you for vaccination for the first time. You have to make the choice as whether you should sit quietly beside your mother or create a ruckus in the waiting area of the doctor’s clinic.

You can increase the age of your character and live their life while making choices for them. We get four basic indicators including Happiness, Health, Smart, Look for each character in the BitLife game.Health it is the most important factor in this game just like in real life. It gives you the opportunity to have more and more experiences in life.

Take for example when your character is in school they can join the school’s rugby team and get a chance to get signed by the most famous club. But this can be made possible only if the character is in perfect health.

looks and appearances don’t matter too much and can always be changed when your character grows up and have a lot of money to get your plastic surgery done.

Some of the choices that we make during the course of this game can even lead us to death. Like if we take up a job in the landmines and get a task to find and clear the mines , we might die while performing our task. Therefore we should be careful while making the career choices.


The age of 18 is a very important milestone in the game. Every choice that we make at this age greatly influences our life in the future. At this age when we have just finished High School and are are all set to embark a journey towards pursuing our dreams, we have to make a choice between attending a university or taking up a job at the military.

It is at this age that we learn to manage our finances, buy property and collect assets.


This is a very interesting feature of the BitLife game.  In this you get to date or marry the girl/boy of your choice and live a happy life. But you need to make your choices very carefully or else your whole life can be destroyed.


With the MOD version of this game you can unlockBitizenship. Bitizenship is a privilege in the game that you will have to buy with real money. When you own a Bitizenship, you get the following privileges:

  1. No Ads
  2. Unlock VIP features: Access to pet stores, special pets, …
  3. Bitizen icons & features only for Bitizen

And when you get more amazing features to an already amazing game, it is a must to download.


Click on the link below and your download will start.

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