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0x800704cf – Fix Network Error Windows 10 Easy Tutorial

Error code 0x800704cf is one of the most irritating issues that Windows 10 clients tackle while designing the web or access Microsoft applications.


For the most part, this issue emerges while attempting to interface the PC to the Network or sign in to Microsoft account, Outlook, Email, OneNote, and so on.

This synchronizes the particular gadget or application in the wake of refreshing the Windows hence creating such bugs.

The prime guilty parties behind the Error code 0x800704cf are erroneous settings of TCP/IP, failing Network gadgets, and utilizing a neighborhood client record to sign in.

Change connector settings, Reset Transmission Control Protocol, and reinstalling the Network gadget may fix this difficulty on Windows 10 PC.

Run Windows Troubleshooter and sign-in utilizing Microsoft record will assist you with diagnosing this inconsistency that happens during document sharing or getting to a particular application.

Fix 0x800704cf Tutorial:

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Ways to fix Error code 0x800704cf on Windows 10

Here are the progression savvy workarounds to fix Error code 0x800704cf on Windows 10 PC.

1. Fix: Network Error code 0x800704cf on Windows 10


Here and there the error codes show up while attempting to share the records or organizer to the associated gadgets.

In this circumstance, the exchange stops in the middle of with an error message ” Error code: 0x800704cf. The organization area can’t be reached.”

To determine this difficulty, you should check whether the associated connector and Domain are working appropriately or not.

1. Change connector settings

The Network Adapter is an equipment segment that affirms the correct information move between your PC and the associated gadget.

If you can’t impart the information to another PC, you should change its settings.

Follow these rules to connect with the Network Sharing focus and play out the vital changes-

  • Right-click on the Windows symbol and select Settings from the spring up menu.
  • At the point when the Settings application shows up, hit Network and Internet choice.
  • Change to the relating right-hand side and snap the “Change connector” alternative.
  • The entirety of the conceivable organization associations will show up here. Make a right-click on the current WiFi or Ethernet and pick Properties from the setting menu.
  • Immediately, untick the checkbox against the Client for Microsoft Network at that point tap OK to affirm the changes.
  • When the above errand completes, restart your PC and check whether the Network Error 0x800704cf shows up or not while being on a WiFi availability.

2. Reset TCP/IP stack

The Transmission Control Protocol involves a couple of decides that set up the Internet network on your PC.

If, there are some off-base arrangement changes in this instrument, improve the odds of Error code 0x800704cf on your framework.

Reset the TCP/IP may function as an investigating guide in such situations

  • Snap-on the Search symbol accessible at the Taskbar and type cmd in the inquiry zone.
  • From this time forward, do the right-click on Command Prompt alternative and select Run as an executive.
  • If the UAC brief comes in to see, tap Yes to allow the entrance.
  • Next, execute the accompanying code-


  • This order will clean the DNS reserve that is a potential explanation for Error code 0x800704cf while associating with the Network.
  • Prevailing after, you have to invigorate the NetBIOS name. Simply execute this order

nbtstat – RR

  • Pushing forward, run the underneath order lines to reset the Internet Protocol (IP) and Winsock Catalog.

netsh int IP reset

netsh Winsock reset

  • When you run these orders effectively, Restart your PC to spare the progressions made up until this point.

Fix: 0x800704cf error when login to Microsoft account

In some cases, Network Error 0x800704cf may auto-show up while attempting to sign in to OneDrive, Microsoft Store, Email, OneNote, and different applications.

This is truly aggravating as it forestalls admittance to these applications.

The error message which clients experience peruses

“The network location cannot be reached, Please connect your internet.”

1.  Run Windows Troubleshooter


The Windows Troubleshooter is a direct method to analyze the issue and fix this. Here is how to investigate

  • Together press Win+I hotkey to dispatch Settings.
  • On the new window, select Update and Security followed by Troubleshoot on the left section.
  • Change to the comparing right-hand side and move descending to discover Network Adapter.
  • When found, click on the equivalent and press the Run the Troubleshooter button.
  • Keep tolerance until your framework checks the issues.
  • Presently, select your present wellspring of net availability then Next to determine this issue.
  • Finally, restart your framework so changes made so far happen.

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2. Sign in with Microsoft account

At the point when you sign in utilizing a nearby record, as a matter of course it synchronizes all the running uses of your framework.


Subsequently, Error code 0x800704cf shows up.

To fix this issue, you ought to log in utilizing a Microsoft account.

Here’s the way to continue

  • Right-click on the Windows symbol and select the Settings on the Power menu.
  • Next, pick Accounts from that point Your Info from the left sheet.
  • Prevailing after, do the snap-on Login to your Microsoft account alternative.
  • A short time later, put your certifications in the particular fields to sign in from that point make a PIN.
  • When you effectively set up the record, move back to the Your Info, and pick the Verify choice.
  • Here, select either the instant message or different approaches to confirm your Microsoft account.

When you effectively follow the above advances, this will fix the error code 0x800704cf.

Accordingly, you won’t get this error message while attempting to get to a specific application.

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