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Where Are APK Files Stored on Android? Updated OS Edition!

There are lot of users who might want to know the location of APK files stored on their android device.

Since there are lot of APK files in a user’s phone, it might be sometimes really important for the user to know where the APK files are stored locally.

Where Are APK Files Stored on Android?

However, the location for storing APK might vary for different devices and also for different versions of operating system. APK can also be stored manually on an external memory.

Where Are APK Files Stored on Android?

Some of the universal location in the file manager of a device for an user-installed app is /data/app/directory.

Also, You will find the APK in /downloads- directory when the APK was installed from outside of Google Playstore.

You can directly look for APK stored in the device on file manager by heading on the following directories:

  1. /Data/app/
  2. /system/app/
  3. /data/app-private
  4. /Downloads

While in cases of not being able to determine the location of a specific app, users can follow the steps given below to know about the location of APK.

  1. Open the setting app of your device.
  2. On the settings search and click on “Manage app” option.
  3. List of apps will all be displayed on the screen, search for the app of which you want to know the location.
  4. Locate the location of an app by clicking on the storage option.


It is very evident that location of APK files may vary from different devices and also different versions of Android.

However, it is always recommended to look for APK in /Data/app- directory and other useful directories mentioned above.

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