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What Roblox Game, Baller is From? Full Info!

Roblox Baller is a boss character in online video game on Roblox called “Boss fighting Stages Rebirth”. In the game, player throws dodgeballs to attack the opponents.

Roblox Baller became famous when a tik tok video about the game went viral. Since, then it became a game that was widely known by many.

The video clip became famous because it had a message saying “Stop Posting About Baller” which was a parody of very famous game Among US “ Stop Posting About Among Us“ video clip.

What Roblox Game, Baller is From? Full Info!

The game was published by SuperCloud9 in the year 2013. The baller appears in a game with a black trouser, pink Shirt and a smirk on the face.

YouTube video

Baller being the boss and playable character class throws dodgeballs to attack and cause damage to their opponents.

On its beta version it was slightly overpowered and now as time progressed it became one of the players favorite characters and it is also been nerfed.

How Roblox Baller memes were created?

As the tik tok video became very famous, people started recreating videos on tik tok with a very famous sound” Stop Posting About Baller” helping the game reach to much more audience.

Since then people also created various Roblox Baller art and started posting on their Social handles. It also made other characters of the Boss fighting Stages Rebirth famous.

It became a meme that was widely circulated on the internet. So, Baller became very famous even with the people who didn’t knew about Roblox.

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