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What is Phishing Email? How to be safe?

In this era, it is very difficult for you to protect your privacy and be secure. Attackers or say black hat hackers try to find each and every possible way to hack you. One of the ways is Phishing. Thus, we will talk about, “What is Phishing Email?” and How to be safe?

what is phishing email

If you are not associated with cybersecurity. It becomes really hard for you to safeguard yourself from social engineering attacks which most of the attackers perform in order to hack your privacy and break your security.

But wait you can too learn some of the most used social engineering attacks which will make sure that you become safe from these attacks. One of the most commonly launched attacks by black hat hackers is the Email Phishing attack.

Our CSHAWK team is trying their best to help people in order to protect them from various kinds of cyberattacks and to spread awareness of cybersecurity.

What is Phishing Email?

Phishing is a technique that involves social engineering tricks. Thus, it easily manipulates the human brain to get all the required credentials and information. Furthermore, we can say that social engineering tricks the user to hack him intentionally. Phishing Attacks is a small branch in social engineering. Moreover, Phishing Email is a small branch in the “Phishing Attacks“.

Let’s explain it in a better way, A hacker will send you malicious text over your phone or PC which will say that the text is authentic from the bank and your bank account is suspended(remember that it is from attacker’s side).  The text will ask you to click on the link provided and reactivate your bank account. When you open the link in the browser you will see a page that will ask your account information to continue. Once you enter the information on the page and click on the send button. All your account information will be sent directly to the hacker. Then the black hat hacker can use that information for any unethical purpose.

Phishing is an attack in which hacker creates the page exactly similar to the original page. You will see no difference in the Facebook original page and Facebook phishing page. You will enter all your information to a Facebook phishing page which will send all your information to the hacker rather than the Facebook server. 1337x proxy

Coming to the Phishing Email attack.

An Email would be sent to you that will ask you information as I’ve mentioned earlier in the article. Suppose the attacker wants to hack your NETFLIX account. He will send an email to manipulate you and make you believe that the email is from the authentic source. Once you believe that the email is from an authentic source. You would easily click on the URL/link and give all the information. That info will go to the hacker/attacker and he can sign in to your account via that information.

Is Phishing Email Attack Dangerous?

What is Phishing Email?

No, it is definitely not dangerous. But it is very very very dangerous. It can even cause you to lose all your money in just a minute. It is not very difficult to protect yourself from this attack once you know everything about the Phishing Email attack.

From a hacker’s point of view. It is very easy to perform and much better results are expected. Not only from the Phishing Email but from the entire social engineering attacks.

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How To Be Safe From Phishing Email Attack?

Once you’ve understood about this attack. It is easy to keep yourself safe. You just need to be smart enough and use your brain in the same you used it while clicking on our website😊.

  1. Verify the URL/link of the website that is sent to you. Suppose you have sent a URL/link claiming to be from Facebook. You can easily spot it by viewing the domain. Facebook has domain “Facebook.com”; if a link suggests “xyz.com” instead of Facebook. It is surely malicious.
  2. If an email sent to you looks a little malicious in any case. Do avoid it.
  3. Mostly to be specific Gmail or other services automatically send the malicious email to the SPAM folder.
  4. If email claims to be from an authentic source. You can check the grammar errors or spelling errors. Mostly attackers unknowingly make mistakes that are not expected from an authentic company.
  5. Check whether your recent activity compliments the email you received. For example, if you have made no purchase from amazon.com from the last 1 year. They would not send you an email confirming your order.
  6. The last and foremost thing which you can do to add an extra security layer is to install an extra Antivirus software that scans for any scam or email. This will automate all your processes efficiently.

I am Hacked! What to do?

If you’ve read the entire article with full focus. You can identify that attacker receives the information that you have sent. Thus, immediately changing your credentials or information will ultimately solve the problem. So, if you are hacked via Phishing Email attack change the info/credentials. You will be all right.


Bottom Line:

At last, our team CSHAWK wants to say that you learn from the experience. After reading this entire article you must have learned many things which will help you. Still, keep yourself emotionally in control to prevent from falling into any social engineering or Phishing Email attacks.

We hope you have liked our article. If so please write to us via the comment section below. Any queries or suggestions would be surely appreciated. It will help us to improve.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart for reading. 😊 Love from Team CSHAWK to you and your family.❤︎ 

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