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CCMaker – Ultimate Adobe Piracy Toolkit.

by The Suyash

If you are an Adobe fan you might be using some of the amazing software out by Adobe. Actually, Adobe provides most of the paid software. Which some users are unable to purchase. In this article, we will talk about “CCMaker“.



Cracking or Hacking any software is easy but in the case of Adobe, the case is different. Cracking an Adobe Software is much complex. Therefore, there is a toolkit named “CCMaker” to automate all these processes and provide you with easy and ultimate crack. You can crack any Adobe software using CCMaker.

Amazing Features:

  • Download and install only products with a new type of distribution (in terms of internal terminology Adobe – type HD package).
  •     Download only what the user chooses in CCMaker. Additional components and language resources are available for selection.
  •     If the product has additional components, then the latest version of the component will be offered to download.
  •     If the product has language resources, only files that can be downloaded (in the case of uploading) or are present on the hard disk (in case of installation) will be offered for download/installation.
  •     Several downloadable products of the same length can be combined into one Master Collection distribution.
  •     The downloaded distribution contains only one products folder with the necessary files and is compatible with the original Set-up.exe installer (in the case of Master Collection only partially). Of course, when using Set-up.exe, you also need the packages and resources folders from some official distribution.
  •     When installing the product, CCMaker uses only the products folder, which contains the driver.xml main file and the folder with the component files.
  •     The installation of the product is based on the processing of JSON files containing information about components, and pimx files containing instructions for installing files, making entries in the Windows registry, creating shortcuts and launching programs.
  •     The emulator AMTEmu from PainteR (god bless this man) is applied to the installed product, the original file amtlib.dll has the extension .dontdelete, do not delete it unnecessarily.

Download CCMaker:

Downloading CCMaker is quite easy. Just click on the link below. You’ll be redirected to a website where you can easily download your software.



In this article, you’ve got the link of

If you face any issue regarding the tool. You can comment down below. Team CSHAWK will get in touch with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


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