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How to Save Gifs from Twitter? Simplest Way!

Gifs are really awesome. It can be used for various reasons. Generally social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook are all filled with various Gifs. Here is the tutorial on How to Save Gifs from Twitter?

How to Save Gifs from Twitter

Some Gifs are too good that we immediately think of saving it in our phone/pc. So, that we can send it to our friends too.

But when it comes to saving Gifs from Twitter. Umm… It is a bit tricky to do. But worry not after reading this entire article. You will surely face no issues.

We will talk about saving twitter gifs on phone/pc from start to end.

How to Save Gifs from Twitter?

From here the tutorial starts. First, we will learn How to Save Gifs from Twitter on your phone? Then we will move ahead to the pc part.

Saving Twitter Gifs on iPhone/Android:

Twitter essentially does not allow any user to upload a Gif.

Wait what!

Yes, you heard it right. It is because Twitter automatically converts that Gif into video format at the time of upload. Hence, whenever you are viewing a Gif, you are technically viewing a video 🙂

Then for downloading the Gifs from twitter you again need to convert those videos into gif format.

1. Using EZgif on your phone:

It is an online tool which works as gif maker, as well as a downloader and converter. 

  1. Press on the share button of the gif tweet which you want to save.
share button twitter
  1. Press on share tweet via on your android or iPhone.
share tweet via twitter
  1. Then use copy link. Now you have successfully copied the URL of the tweet.
  2. Now, open Ezgif and press on Video to Gif convertor
  1. Enter the video URL over there.
  2. Click on convert to Gif.
  3. After conversion. Simply click on save to gallery.

Yes! you have successfully downloaded the gif on your android/iPhone.

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2. Using Various Apps:

You can get tons of applications which simply does every manual action automatic for you. If you download Gifs everyday. Then you can simply install the apps to reduce the time and work.

There are already a lot of apps. Here are some which you can use too.

1. Tweet2gif [Android]:

Go to play store. Search for Tweet2gif. Download and install the application simply.

When you first launch the application. It will surely ask for some permissions like every other app ask.

Simply give the permissions by pressing allow button.

Here is the tutorial to use the application:

  1. Open Twitter app on you android.
  2. Press on the share button again.
share button twitter
  1. Choose Tweet2Gif option. After choosing the option. The app will automatically catch the url of the tweet simplifying work for you.
  2. Tap on Download Gif. All Done!!
2. Gifwrapped [iOS]:

Go to the AppStore. Search for this application. Download and then install the application.

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Locate the tweet you want to download.
  3. Simply copy the URL of the tweet.
  4. Then go and open the Gifwrapped application.
  5. Paste the URL and press the search button.
  6. Gif will appear. Click on download and save the gif from Twitter.

Saving Twitter Gifs on PC:

Using EZgif on PC:

Simply head over to the website. We have discussed everything about it previously in the article too.

  1. Open twitter.
  2. Locate the tweet you want to save.
  3. Copy the url of the tweet.
  4. Then open Ezgif website.
  5. Go to Video to Gif
How to Save Gifs from Twitter
  1. Paste the URL on the website search bar.
  2. Click on the “Upload video“.
  3. After conversion. Press on download now. Done!!


Till now I have explained you everything about How to Save Gifs from Twitter?

You have learned how to do it on your iPhone/Android/PC.

If you face any further issue. Please let our team CSHAWK know via the comment section below. We will try to figure out ASAP.

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