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Pokemon Clover Download – Latest Pre-Patched Game [Updated]

Pokemon Clover is a popular Pokémon series ROM hack created by fans. It was published in 2017 and made by a team of programmers known as the Clover team. The setting of the game is Fochun, which is modelled after a place in China.

Pokemon Clover Download

Why is Pokemon Clover Famous?

Pokémon Clover’s irreverent comedy is one of its most recognisable features. There are several specially created Pokémon in the game, many of them are intended to be silly or obnoxious.

For instance, the Pokémon Swagasaur is a dinosaur with sunglasses and a baseball cap that is turned sideways. Ranticore, a different Pokémon, is a spoof on the well-known social networking site Reddit.


Pokémon Clover has a variety of specially created items and moves in addition to the unique Pokémon. The “Broken Bottle,” “Boganite,” and “Earrape,” among others, fall within this category.

The Elite Four and other custom-made gym leaders are also included in the game, each with their own distinct personalities and fighting techniques.

Where is Pokemon clover based?

Pokémon Clover is a surprisingly well-designed game despite its irreverent attitude. There are many intriguing places to discover in the vast and intricate Fochun area. In order to further enhance the sensation of exploration and discovery, the game also includes a variety of side missions and hidden goods.

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Pokémon Clover plays similarly to previous games in the series in terms of gameplay. Gamers explore the area while gathering and training Pokémon and engaging in battles with other trainers. A number of novel gameplay elements are also included in the game, including the capacity to Mega Evolve any Pokémon and the capacity to use a move more than once every round.

The amount of work put into creating Pokémon Clover is among its most astounding features. The game has original music, graphics, and even a brand-new tongue dubbed “Engrish.” A thorough background for the Fochun area was also created by the creators, with several allusions to mythology and real-world history.



Is pokemon clover legal?

Yet it should be mentioned that neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company have approved Pokémon Clover as an authentic Pokémon game.

It is a ROM hack, therefore in order to play, players need an emulator and a copy of the original Pokémon FireRed game. The game’s irreverent humour may also be insulting or off-putting to certain players.

Since its introduction, Pokémon Clover has acquired a sizable fan base despite these possible disadvantages. Many players like the game’s originality and comedy, and they have applauded the creators for their diligence and attention to detail. On the basis of the game, some fans have even produced their own fan fiction and fan art.


In summary, Pokémon Clover is a distinctive and imaginative ROM hack that presents a new perspective on the Pokémon franchise. Despite the fact that not everyone will like its irreverent humour, fans of the series who are seeking something fresh and new should give it a go. Pokémon Clover is certain to provide fans of the franchise hours of amusement with its specially created Pokémon, items, and moves as well as its beautifully drawn Fochun area.

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