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Mini Militia Mod Apk – Download v5.3.3 Hacked GAME

Mini militia Mod APK is also known as Mini Militia- Doodle Army 2.

It is a potent multiplayer battle developed by Appsomniacs LLC and published by Miniclip.

It’s a shooter game that can be played by at the most 6 players online. It’s a 2D cartoon-motifs across between Soldat and Halo, influenced by the indigenous stickman shooter, Doodle Army.

If we talk about its reach then it has been downloaded over 100 million and has a 4.1 rating from 2 million reviews.

About Mini Mod Apk

It’s a multiplayer action game to showcase your shooting adroitness by becoming real fighters. It has astounding characters with amazing real fighters like costumes, which captivates your mind to play and enjoy.

In it, you’ve to shoot your combatant and you’ll have at the most 5 opponents cause 6 is the maximum no. of players who can play simultaneously.

You’ll be provided a complete army in the battlefront with the help of which you’ll be vanquishing your contender.

You’ll get a lot of weapons and other equipment for your help. Some of the characters which you can choose are Soaring Lynx, Flying Bishop, Initiate Badger, etc.

Some of the stuff for which you can shop are head, hair, body, accessories, outfit, etc and there are many variations of cool stuff in these and thus can change the look of your avatar as per your wish.

And you can upgrade your weapons to M14, AA-12, Grenade Launcher, XM8, AR-15, Flame Thrower, Phase, Pump-action Shotgun, etc.

Some of the maps which you can choose to be your battle-ground are Random, Outpost, Catacombs, Undermine, Overseer, Suspension, Cliff hanger, No escape, Subdivision, Vantage, Icebox, High Tower, etc. These accessories and provided equipment captivates the player and act as the reason for the player to never get bored with this game and to explore different things in it.

Features of Mini Militia Mod Menu

1. Pro pack Unlocked: 

You’ll get the pro pack for free with the Mini Militia mod APK version. The pro pack provides you with so many new features and accessories to beautify your character or avatar and get ready with so many guns, weapons, and all to shoot your enemy and their army.

Unlimited Health, ammo, Bomb, and nitro:  Use these bombs, nitro, and health, provided in a limitless amount to defeat your contender and be the winner. Unlimited ammo will help you to contact your foes easily and thus will help in winning. Just bombard your enemy army with the unbounded bombs and their strength and throwing skills. Bang!

2. No need to reload:

You don’t need to reload every time and thus you can defeat your nemesis successfully.

3. 5 bullets per shot: 

You’ll get 5 shots for each bullet you fire at your opponent and thus there’s no chance that your enemy will escape your target.

4. Unlocked equipment:

You’ll get many premium items like trees, maps, shields, weapons, skins, guns, etc., unlocked by themselves in mini militia mod apk. These premium items will add more adventure to your shooting journey, trees will let you hide special guns, weapons will let you shoot easily and thus your journey will be more enticing and amazing to experience.

5. Ghost Mode:

You can use this mode just by activating it from the mod menu and you’ll not be visible to your enemies and thus can shoot them more effectively.

6. Different variations:

There’re a lot of locations, maps, environments in this game and so many levels that won’t let the players get bored. And this’s a reason for the gamers to get addicted to it.

7. Attractive Graphics:

All the avatar, army, battlefield, environment looks real and highly enticing and thus binds the gamer to it. Its graphics has provided it with such amazing and user-friendly features that even a child can play this game easily without any hassles.

8. Different Maps:

In this, you’re provided with so many maps that you can explore each time you play a new mode. Some of the amazing maps which you’ll get in this game are Random, Outpost, Catacombs, Undermine, Overseer, Suspension, Cliff hanger, No escape, Subdivision, Vantage, Icebox, High Tower, etc.

9. Works Offline:

This’s one of the best features of this game that you can play it offline if you don’t have a proper internet connection and got stuck in the midway while playing or you’re short of internet data. Then you have the provision of playing it offline on your android phone without an internet connection.

10. Multiplayer:

This’s obviously one of the enticing features especially for those who want to compete with their friends and wants to showcase their shooting skills.


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