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How to Make a Lead In Minecraft in 3 Minutes?

In Minecraft, leads are practical tools that let you guide and manage animals like pigs, llamas, and horses.

You may create leads using certain materials and crafting techniques, and once you do, you can use them to control and direct your animals wherever you need them to go. We’ll talk about how to create a lead in Minecraft in this tutorial.

Resources Required

You will need the following supplies in order to create a lead in Minecraft:

  • Four strings: You may locate cobwebs in abandoned mineshafts or dungeons or kill spiders to get strings. Four bits of wool may be used to make them as well.
  • One slimeball: You may locate slimes in swamp biomes or kill them to get slimeballs.
  • Crafting the Lead

After you have all you need, you can begin making leads.
the following is the primary recipe:

On the crafting grid, arrange four strings in a square arrangement with a blank square in the centre.

One slimeball should be placed on the crafting grid’s centre square.

The lead will show up in the result box after you have arranged the ingredients in the proper configuration.

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Using the Lead

It is now time to capitalise on the lead you have generated. The lead must first be equipped in your hand before it can be used. After the lead is in place, you may link it to an animal by right-clicking on it. As long as you are holding the lead, the animal will remain attached to it and follow you wherever you go.

Moreover, you may tie animals to trees or fence posts using lead. Just right-click on the tree or fence post while holding the lead to do this. You may leave the animal there while you do other duties since it will be attached to the pole or tree.

It is very essential to remember that you cannot bind animals with lead to other animals or to non-solid items like signs or torches. You must remain close to the animal you have tethered to the lead since the lead’s range is restricted. The lead will break if you go too far away, allowing the animal to run free.


In conclusion, leads are practical components in Minecraft that let you command and direct creatures. You may use a lead you make yourself to tether animals to a fence post or tree or to lead them anywhere you need them to go. Creating a lead is a straightforward technique that only calls for a few items. You can regulate your animals and make sure they’re safe and secure by utilising leads.

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