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Top 5 Best Hero Forge Alternatives to design 3D Prints

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The technology has evolved so much that it is now helping in the creation of miniatures and modeling creatures. 

Heroforge is a device that helps in the creation of 3D tabletop miniatures and customized prints. It is a very famous and interesting device that is available as facial expressions, different poses, genders, carrying weapons, etc. The variety that these hero forge devices posses is the only reason for its popularity, 

People can select these miniatures as per their choice and preferences, still, if they feel not satisfied, people can look for other better options as well. 

Top 5 Best Hero Forge Alternatives:

Heroforge type miniatures are present with some alternatives as well. If not satisfied with hero forge miniatures, there are definitely some better options out there. Four of them are:


desktop hero

The desktop hero is the best alternative of hero forge miniatures and has almost similar properties. It is a design tool used for designing tabletop miniatures.

Here, people can request their own custom designs and facial expressions and print them at a suitable ranged price. It is available at a cost of $3.50 to $5 per miniature.

The online printing cost is very low as compared to the cost of printing at home. Choosing a choice of design is also available at desktop miniatures, unlike hero forge miniatures. 


hero forge alternative ANVL.co

This is one of the best sites like hero forge. It allows the d to design some extraordinary miniatures. It comes with an intuitive feature.

This also allows the designer to create the best 3D miniatures. People are fully liberated to choose the dress, weapon, look, and pose of the miniature from the library as per their choice.

One can go for this option if looking for one of the best hero forge alternative.


hero mini maker

Hero Mini Maker is an amazing software to build fantasy miniatures right from Windows devices. It allows people to create miniatures from over 800 styles and nearly thousands of poses and designs from different animation.

It features all material to meet the people’s dream expectations and needs. One can choose other outfits like hairs, masks, shoulders, color, helmet, elbows, weapons, and many more to craft amazing miniatures.

Moreover, Once the Miniature is designed, people are offered to choose different pose or animation and export them as STL files for 3D printing.

Home Mini Maker is a kind of best solution to use as the best alternatives to Hero Forge to bring life to the creations.

4. PCGen


It is a free and open-source character designer for RPG. This software is great and bug-free that improves the functionality without any distraction.

Furthermore, It is a java-based program which provides tons of options to make the design unique and handles some tricky things while designing the miniatures.

PCGen can be very functional software that seems to function faster and complete the task on time.

It contains an excellent selection of features to build a gaming miniature fast.

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Above are the best alternatives to Hero Forge miniatures. If the person is a miniature designer, they can use any one of the apps to create a 3D miniature as per their or someone’s choice. With the above tools, one can customize the miniature with plenty of options available. 

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