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Google Chrome Update out now!

Google Chrome 83 web browser out now!

One of the most feature-packed Chrome updates released since the browser’s initial launch back in 2009.

Today’s v83 release includes a slew of new features.

These include enhanced privacy controls, new settings for managing cookie files, a new Safety Check option, support for tab groups, new graphics for web form elements, a new API for detecting barcodes, and a new anti-XSS security feature, among many many others.

The reason why Chrome 83 includes so many features is because Google canceled the Chrome 82 release due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, some of the Chrome 82 features were pushed into Chrome 83, while others were rescheduled for later this year.


New features include:

  • New Tab Groups feature
  • New cookies settings
  • New cookies control in incognito mode
  • New Safety Check option
  • New Enhanced Safe Browsing mode
  • New web form controls
  • New extensions button
  • New Barcode Detection API
  • New anti-XSS security feature
  • New DNS-over-HTTPS experiment
  • Chrome blocks downloads in Sandboxed iframes and for files hosted on HTTP URLs

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