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EZTV Proxy – Unblocked Mirrors/Proxy Sites [2021]

EZTV was a very popular TV torrent group founded in 2005. But was taken down in 2015. You can still use it using EZTV Proxy“. Here is the complete information regarding it.

eztv proxy

I can understand EZTV was an amazing website. Still, the proxy can do the job.

You just need to use the proxy sites in the article to use the full torrent site. Proxy or mirror websites have the same layout and user interface as the EZTV official website. They just have a different domain name.

What is EZTV Proxy & Why Can’t I Reach it?

Proxy is the exactly same website as the official one. It just has a different domain name (as mentioned earlier). When a website is blocked by your ISP or your govt. Its domain name gets blacklisted that can’t be accessed.

Problem SOLVED!!! CHANGE THE DOMAIN NAME. That’s how the proxy works. The server remains the same, but the domain name gets changed as the official one gets blacklisted by the govt. That’s exactly how EXTV proxy is gonna work.

The domain name gets changed. 

For instance, your ISP wants to block a particular website, say Eztv proxy website. They will put the domain in the firewall of their network.

When a request of the particular domain comes the request is filtered/dropped by the firewall. Rest all requests will pass through the firewall of the system.

Therefore, to bypass a firewall you’ll need a proxy or VPN or you can use a mirror website to that particular website. If you don’t want to get knowledge then you can just navigate the proxy list in the table of contents of this page.

How Can I Access the EZTV Site if it is Blocked?

There are two ways you can unblock eztv.

  1. Using Proxy listed in the article.
  2. Using VPNs.

We will discuss each one of them.

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EZTV Proxy – Unblocked Mirrors/Proxy Sites [2020]:

Here are some of the proxies which you can use to unblock eztv. Just click on any of them you like. Also, some countries also ban proxy websites.

Furthermore, if the URL is strikethrough. eg example.com Means URL isn’t working.

If it is not strikethrough. It means your country has banned it. Switch to other one or use VPN.


How to unblock EZTV using VPNs?

Using VPNs is quite simple. You just need to download a free VPN or paid one as per your wish. Install it in your pc switch country and boom website unblocked.

eztv proxy vpn
  • Step 1: Download and install the Desired VPN Software.
  • Step 2: Sign-in or Sign up for the VPN service on their website.
  • Step 3: Connect to the suitable location just by selecting it.

If you want to know in-depth about VPN you can refer: What is VPN? How does it work? Now you’ve successfully connected to a VPN connection and now you can surf any banned website in your country.

Below are the best VPNs for the EZTV Proxy website:

You can select any one of them according to your budget. Follow the list below:

  • TOR Guard: Tor Guard is a multi-purpose VPN that can be used for various purposes. So, if you are looking for multi VPN usage. This is the best VPN that you can buy. TOR GUARD WEBSITE
  • NordVPN: This is one of the best VPN ever that you can use to watch online videos as it is completely made for it. NORDVPN WEBSITE
  • CyberGhost: Cyberghost VPN is even used by me as the owner of CSHAWK. Therefore, you can too use it for your use. CYBERGHOST WEBSITE
  • IP Vanish: This is too a VPN that you can use according to your budget. IP VANISH WEBSITE

All the VPN services mentioned above didn’t sponsor us. Moreover, All the VPNs above are tested and passed by our team for especially EZTV Proxy.


I hope you now know how all these things work.

Furthermore, I have explained to you EZTV Proxy and how you can unblock it easily.

If you face any issue regarding this article or its content. You can contact team CSHAWK via this comment section below.

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