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Death Note Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plotline

Death Note season 2

Death Note, a Japanese anime grounded on the Death Note manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. It was first premiered in 2006 and then it became the highest-grossing anime all over the world at that time with a high IMDB rating. So, you can think of the level of excitement an anime fan could have for hearing any positive news about the release of season 2 of Death Note.


Death Note Season 2: Release Date

Almost after 14 years of the release of its first season, some news came about the further story to be written by the creator in January 2020. Then the manga was released in February 2020. All these 14 years there was no news about the creation of another season for the anime because of the lack of resources. 

Season 1 used almost all the volumes of the manga and ended the series, binding up all the characters. So, fans were perplexed that whether there will be another season or not. But fortunately, the writers of the manga series came up with another manga. Since the project is huge, we can expect a lot of time to be invested in its production. So, we may be able to hear some news about the release of season 2 in late 2021.

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Death Note Season 2: Cast

We expect the cast from season 1 to return to their roles. So, the following are the probable cast members:

CharactersJapanese voice actorEnglish voice actor
Light YagamiTatsuya FujiwaraBrad Swaile
LKenichi MatsuyamaAlessandro Juliani
Misa AmaneErika TodaShannon Chan-Kent
RoyukShidou NakamuraBrian Drummond
RemShinnosuke IkehataMichael Dobson
Kiyomi TakadaNana kataseHeather Doerksen
WatariShunji FujimuraRon Halder
Soichiro YagamiTakeshi KagaChristopher Britton
Sayu YagamiHikari MitsushimaKristie marsden
Kanzo MogiShin ShimizuJohn Murphy
Sachiko YagamiMichiko GodaiSaffron Henderson
Shuichi AizawaTatsuhito OkudaTrevor Devall
Touta MatsudaSota AoyamaVincent Tong
SanamiMiyuki KomatsuJanyse Jaud
Hirokazu UkitaIkuji NakamuraJeremy From
Ryotaro SakajoMasanori FujitaMichael Donovan
Death Note season 2

Death Note Season 2: Plot

When the manga was released in February 2020, the readers came to know that the new manga story has moved on from Light Yagami’s story. Although fans enjoyed the newly released manga some of them dejected the ending in the special manga and complained against the story, telling that it’s not that fascinating like the original manga series. 

Even if the story moved from Light Yagami, Shinigami Ryuk come back to the earthling world. He speaks to a middle-schooler Minoru Tanaka who’s as brilliant as L. But still, unlike the previous protagonist, Minoru plans to exchange the strength of Kiara to the highest paying bidder. And when the auction is made public, world leaders from distinct countries start bidding for the death note. 

Yet the story goes cascading after the bidding process is done. There are few reports which suggest that Madhouse might accept this story as the plot for Death Note Season 2. But since many fans dejected this ending from the newly written manga so there are chances that the creators will come up with a new conclusion for season 2.

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