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Battletech Trainer – Download Latest Working Trainer

Battletech Trainer

Battletech Trainer: It is a mecha turn based video game with has been developed by Harebrained schemes. The game was earlier known to be as Battledroids. In the gameplay the player is responsible for selecting mech’s models, armor, pilot and skills and can have control over the team of four mechs in a combat.

The developers of the games has given a statement that the game will have the spirit of the board games but will not use the board game rules. The player assumes the role of a mercenary commander. 

Digging in a Little in Battletech Trainer:

The game is generally played on one or more hex map sheets or on the mountain man boards which is optional rules are also available for hexless play.

 Battle take is also supplement it by a variety of technical read out which further profile game play with background data on mechs and other unit at different point of time in the game. 

Battle tech is a series of rulebooks. Which covered combined arms or the battle mech manual and continues from the introductory bx set for offering more advance but make only mech play options. 

Benefits of Battletech Trainer:

  • There will be no issue of heat generation during mech generator heat and can easily reset it at the next turn. 
  • Can have access to unlimited fury and precision strike. 
  • It provides you with the super movie distance. you feel find that you can just about move across the maps when the next face begins. 
  • Can upgrade your mech warrior area unlimitedly and can have access to plenty of XP as long as you want 



What’s there in VR Mode? 

As long as you turn on the VR mode the trainer options will be drawn as buttons and will be activated usually with your system’s keyboard. 

At the bottom of the screen you can go to the desktop icon and by clicking it you can easily place option for the trainer with your hand controller. 

Metalwarrior VS Battletech 

Battletech is the tabletop of war games. The characters inside the game may die of advanced rule options are not used to keeping them alive. It is meant to be used for games with about 4 to 8  mech’s per side. 

Mechwarrior age of destruction has completely different rules then the original game. The miniatures here vary in quality but tend to have odds position and proportions. 


Game like Battletech has lot of fine details to deal with that means you will need a aesthetic mod. There can be a lot of minute modes you need to have a keep track on this tools will help you even when those mods tend to have their own dedicated tools. You must know that battle tech does not have an official mode manager of its own. 

You may have access to modtek, it tools allows for mod  to be package in way that it does not override your game files. 


This particular mod aims to turn the game more into a rogue like with a difficulty to match and it is not quite easy to be tackle with and have looking to check on this one and should be very much aware about this unique installation instructions. Its launch designed in such a way that it keep the mod up to date. 


Battle tech is a war gaming military science fiction franchise. The series of the game begin with the board game original name battle droits and has since grown position to the originals game in by board playing video games and a collectible card games which include series of more than hundred novels and animated television series. 

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