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What Will Work For Marketers on IGTV in 2021?


IGTV can be recognized as a disruptive technology introduced by Instagram to convert orthodox TV experience into an updated and modernized mobile video viewing experience.

YouTube is already popular for offering mobile video viewing experience.

As per the industry data, watching TV among young people has decreased around 40% in recent times.

YouTube, IGTV, and various OTT platforms are mainly responsible for the dip in the number of viewers for the TV channels.

By 2021, it is estimated that 78% of mobile users will watch videos on mobile on different platforms.

Among these platforms, IGTV is going to be a major player.

Anyone on Instagram can create an IGTV channel.

Both business and personal accounts can open the Instagram channel.

One can upload long videos on Instagram IGTV channel.

Typically, the video length can be found between 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

However, Instagram says that there is no time limit for the videos.

You can publish videos as lengthy as you want.

Having an IGTV channel is useful for Instagram marketing.

Through Instagram videos, you can engage more people on your Instagram page.

So, if you are thinking of having your own Instagram IGTV channel, you need to know a few tips for creating engaging videos.

Here are some of the tips for you.


Most of the Instagram users are comfortable with watching short videos on this social media platform.

When you post a long video on IGTV, viewers become skeptical of the content of the video.

You need to convey that watching the video is worth the time of the viewers.

To convince viewers, you need to write a short description of the IGTV Instagram video posts.

The description should give a crisp and informative overview of the content.

Viewers must know what they can expect from the video.

On the description, you can mention a few important points so that viewers get a proper idea of the content of the video. These points are:

  • Mention people who should watch the video.
  • Explain why a person should watch the video.
  • Benefits of viewing the video till the end.

2. Make the Video Short and Crisp


Just because Instagram gives no time length for the videos, it does not mean that you should post an unnecessarily lengthy video.

Keeping the videos short, crisp, and informative is important rather than creating a long video.

Your video should be long when it is actually required.

Otherwise, videos should be kept as short as possible.

For businesses, IGTV is a great platform to post promotional videos.

The thumb rule of creating promotional videos remains the same for the IGTV platform too.

Keep the video informative, short, and engaging to get more business leads through the videos.

3. Call to Action to the Video Description


At the end of the video description, there should be a “call to action”.

You need to encourage viewers to share the video.

Through a call to action, you can also encourage viewers to follow the ideas that have been provided in the video.

For business promotional videos, call to action is even more necessary.

Call to action will encourage the viewers to visit your business website or purchase products.

4. Video Conference or Interviews on IGTV


IGTV is a great platform for sharing an interview video with a star or celebrity.

Many independent news channels or media houses use IGTV to post interviews with various notable persons.

People love watching such interviews.

If you want to use IGTV for business promotion, posting interview videos can also help you in business promotion.

You can share an interview with your client or customer.

You can share an interview with a business co-owner or investor or partner.

Interview videos are engaging, especially when you have an interesting set of questions in hands for the interviewee.

5. Add Subtitles to Reach More People

Image Credit: MakeUseOf

People want to watch certain content, but language becomes a problem.

As a video publisher, you also miss a lot of viewers who are not well-accustomed to the language of your video.

For omitting the barrier of language, you should add subtitles to the videos.

There could be options for multiple subtitle languages.

Having subtitles will help you to reach more potential viewers for your IGTV video content.

Your Instagram IGTV channel will get more subscribers from different parts of the world.

6. Release Teasers for IGTV Videos


Creating teasers and trailers of the IGTV videos is a useful way of enhancing curiosity among the viewers.

Teasers have to be crafted meticulously.

They will give an idea of the upcoming video content on your IGTV channel to the viewers.

When people become curious about a video, they tend to watch the video when a full-length version has been posted by the publisher.

This is not a new trick to engage viewers, but it is still highly useful.

7. Create a Series of Videos


On your IGTV channel, you can post video series.

Instead of posting a long video, you can split the video into a few parts or episodes.

When episodes are created, you need to schedule the release of the episodes.

People love to watch videos that are not too long.

Nevertheless, splitting videos into different episodes will keep the curiosity of the users towards the content intact till the last episode.

8. Recaps and Precaps for the Videos

Image Credit: AWS

When you are releasing a series of videos instead of a long video, you must use precap and recap to the episodes.

In the first episode, you need to add a precap for episode two at the end of the video.

On episode two and onwards, you need to add recap and precaps.

Having the recaps and precaps helps viewers to stay engaged with the content.

It is a useful way of enhancing the viewing experience for the viewers.

9. Time for Posting the Videos


When you post a few videos on Instagram, you shall get video analytics data.

You need to analyze the data to provide a better viewing experience to users.

Analytics will tell you the time when the highest number of viewers watch your videos.

Posting the videos at that time would be a great way of fetching more subscribers or followers for your IGTV channel.

So, you need to know the best time to post on Instagram for fetching more viewers for your videos. 

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