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What is Overwatch Meta? Tier List Season 21

What is Overwatch Meta? This article showcases you the current Meta of Superheroes that tops our list. It is quite difficult to give them suitable ranks in the meta-list as each character is unique and strong in their place.

The Overwatch team has always introduced you with buffs and nerfs whenever required. You should expect that the tuning of the game becomes tighter.

The tier forms you are going to watch now are based on regularly updated snapshots when the heroes compete with others and stand out.

What is Overwatch Meta?


Tier 1

  1. Ashe 

During the mid-march time, you can notice how the character of Ashe starts rising above all. It is evident that the team stressed on the role of Ashe after the ban of McCree and Widowmaker.

The specialty about Ashe is her speed motion with Coach and her jump in meta.

  1. Orisa

Orisa has struggled hard to be in the limelight. Now she becomes a strong pick because she possesses the ability to take down her team members.

  1. Baptiste

His skills touch the sky.  He seems invulnerable which makes him the strongest healer. He acquires the third rank in our tier 1 meta.

  1. Echo 

Her flexibility and damage results in a big threat and makes quite a common pick. We know about her recent nerfs but ignore for a moment and notice her emerging energy.

  1. Sigma

Sigma has got diverse kits which makes him able to turn enemy fire into shield juice. On the battlefield, he is less likely to put himself in danger.

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Tier 2

  1. Tracer

Tracer has emerged strongly in the play. The credit goes to Brig’s prevalence and also Dive’s composition. It is correct to put Trace in rank 1 of tier 2.

  1. Zarya

It is super flexible to pick Zarya for the second position in Tier 2. Her bubble field can soak up any external damage from a burst. She can boom her power at times.

  1. Reinhardt

Since GOAT’S CAMP, a light dip has been observed in this character. All thanks to the devastating strength of Earthshatter as well as the huge barrier he carries.  The barrier can protect the entire backline at a time. He can crush down a whole team in a matter of moments.

  1. Sombra 

Sombra has disruptive abilities through which she can dismantle the entire defense.

  1. Winston

The major plus in Winston is his electrifying Tesla Cannon that damages enemies. A sight dip in his performance makes him acquire the fifth rank in Tier 2.

Tier 3

  1. Genji
  2. Pharah
  3. Roadhog
  4. Zenyatta
  5. Junkrat


The rank and position of the characters in the article are based on our experience and don’t claim that it is based on public opinion. We have tried our best to guide you to make choices. 

In case you feel that any of the characters do not deserve the particular rank then it is completely acceptable. Every character is unique and strong.

We are working hard to bring in interesting and informative articles for you. 

Stay connected for more such interesting articles.

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