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Tropico 5 Cheats – [UPDATED] Working PC Cheats

Tropico 5 Cheats

Tropico 5 is Haemimont Games’ which is a management and construction video game. Tropico 5 basically came for the users of Microsoft Windows in the month of May in the year 2014. Initially, it was introduced in versions of OS X, Xbox 360 and Linux. Later, it was also released for Xbox One and Play Station 4 in the month of May in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively. The very recent model of the game is extremely fascinating as it features a very competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode which allows the player to play the game with its companion. In this mode the game allows for player to play at the same time and this has happened for the first time in the series of Tropico series.

Tropico 5 is a game with Encounters four different areas where the players are allowed to play. These area includes cold was, colonial era, modern times and the world war. Upon this it also includes progression from the 19th Century to the 21st century. It gives the player chance to complete 15 missions and these machines are divided into two parts. Tropico 5 is a game which can be made more interesting and fun loving by using cheat codes. Cheat codes are the course which not only helped the player to have more fun but it also helps in obtaining perfection in each and every step and level of the game. Therefore there are a use number of cheat codes which the player can use.

Cheat codes are activated once the player has pressed the right shift key on the keyboard and entered the cheat code he wants to use. All that a player needs to keep in mind is that the effect he wants to apply on the game and then accordingly he can choose the cheat codes.


Cheats List:

  1. Unlock ALL Missions:
    Type ‘ifoundtheplans’
  2. Instant Construction:
    Type ‘meepmeep’
  3. Instant Win:
    Type ‘penultimoroxx’
  4. $100,000:
    Type ‘llamalottery’
  5. Maximizes ALL Workers’ Experience and Students Graduate Instantly:
    Type ‘leveltwelvepaladin’
  6. No Prerequisites for Edicts:
    Type ‘lelaw’
  7. (+20) US Relations:
    Type ‘scotch’
  8. (+20) USSR Relations:
    Type ‘kurwa’
  9. (-20) US Relations:
    Type ‘noscotch’
  10. (-20) USSR Relations:
    Type ‘redsquared’
  11. Tornado Outbreak:
    Type ‘spinnyspinny’
  12. Drought Disaster:
    Type ‘dryspell’
  13. Earthquake Disaster:
    Type ‘shakennotstirred’
  14. Fire Disaster:
    Type ‘eldiablo’
  15. Hurricane:
    Type ‘surfsup’

So these are some of the cheat codes which might help the player to enjoy more of this amazing game and experience it to the best. Tropico 5 is basically a fun loving and adventurous game and these cheat codes will add more fun and more excitement to this game so that the player can enjoy Tropico 5 game to its best.

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