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SKRIBBL.io Hack – Auto Draw/Auto Guesser [FULL TUTORIAL] [2023]


Is there any rule to call a person a “Gamer” only if he/she plays high-rated games like GTA, Free Fire, or Pubg? Nope, a person who plays any games is a Gamers. Games do have health benefits like brain stimulation, helps in improving problem-solving skills and it has a major contribution in stress relief and whatnot! There are different genres of games while each has its pros and cons.

Are you wondering why is the importance of games is stressed here in this article? Yeah, you guessed it right. This article is about one of the funniest and entertaining online games where you earn points by guessing just like the way you did now. 




As I said earlier Skribbl.io is a funny and entertaining online game where just guessing what others draw or by people guessing what you draw will increase your points accordingly. The name of the game is derived from the word “scribble”.

Everyone is an artist and every art expresses something! Hence this game has its fun part in drawing as drawing in a notebook holding pen or pencil is quite different from drawing with a mouse or track-pad in a system. It creates terrible and convoluted drawings.

In fact, this game has a feature where you can play with your friends by creating a room just like in the game Ludo. I know many of us are familiar with the game Ludo as it was one of the most used games during the covid 19 pandemic! 

Skribbl.io comprises of few levels and in every round, the player is given a choice to select a word and draw on the screen for the opponent players to guess the word. The players can take turns in drawing pictures for others to guess. This maze game is also one of the best educational games that help to increase the IQ level and the person who manages high points on the scoreboard is the winner. 


how to beat friends

Be it life or game, everyone wants to win! It is highly ridiculous that we always want to be better and higher than our friends even in games which is a rewarding experience too. So here I present you some of the hacks and tactics in Skribble.io which will also enhance your IQ level.

Being fast, strategic, intelligent, and really quick will help one to gain the maximum points. If you’re a person who draws well then you have the advantage naturally to get minimum points. Through this game, you can improve the artistic creativity as well as a bonus. The Skribbl.io hacks differ for various online websites in which one can beat others players. Certain features of Skribbl.io hacks are given below

  • Auto guess
  • Word helper
  • Drawing’s button saving
  • Muting against inattentive players
  • Color menu picker 
  • Auto draw or draw bot

Auto Draw Hack

auto draw hack

The Auto draw is basically a most used and essential hack which is a ‘Chrome Extension script’ that draws images automatically and it is quite reliable. It is a simple hack that you need to search for the relevant picture from google and dropping it in the game’s drawing screen or box so that the bot will look after the rest of the work. The auto draw hack can be downloaded from the internet and once downloaded, follow the steps given below

Step 1: Extract the file using any file extractor after downloading

Step 2: Click on the more tools from the top right corner followed by extensions

Step 3: From the chrome extension page, turn on the Developer mode and click on Load unpacked

Step 4: Locate the Auto draw script to the Skribbl.io and select the folder. Then you’re done.

To confirm, start a game and create a new tab on google to search for an artist and then place the selected image on the Skribbl.io box and initiate.


SKRIBBL.io Hack download

The Auto guesser is similar to the previous hack, it is also a ‘Chrome Extension script’ that automatically guess what the opponent has done. The steps to install and exhibit the Auto Guesser hack is as same as the above mentioned. The Auto guesser might delight some who is not very good at guessing like me!


Skribbl.io is the most fun and best game that helps you to relax your mind and have fun with your friends. I personally preferred to play this game without using hacks to experience endless fun with my friends. Even though if we can’t beat each other in Skribbl.io, we endeavored to have fun together.

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