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Top 3 Best Short Throw Projector For You!

short throw projector

Projectors are very much important in your home. Just because it will always provide a theater look in your house.

As you all know that there are people who were very much addicted to going to the theater and watch their favorite movie.

But due to this pandemic situation, some people can’t go out and watch movies. So for them, only projectors are the best option.

There are different types of projectors that you will get in the market.

Among them, the best one is the short throw projector. This is because they are placed nearest to the screen and always provide clear images.

In this article, you will get lots of information about the short throw projector.

After reading this article you will know why it is important to install the short throw projector in your house or any conference hall.

The projector will be placed from the distance between 3 to 8 feet away from the screen. 

Short-throw Projector Features:

short throw projector

The followings are some of the different types of features you will get in a Short throw projector and they are:

  • The first feature that every person wants is its clarity.
    So in short throw projector, you will get the HD and crystal clear pictures.
  • One very common thing is that the more near the projector is placed the more clear the picture will look. 
  • The most important feature is that if you have a small room then also this projector will look good and attractive.
    It is not at all mandatory that you should have a larger room.
    But one thing is that you can even install it in your large room. 
  • At first, when the short throw projector was being discovered at that time the amount was high.
    But as time passed and technologies being improved after that cost has also been decreased.

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Top 3 Best Short Throw Projector:

The followings are some of the best short throw projectors and they are:

1. Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p

 Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p

Whenever the name of all the best short throw category comes the Optomo GT1080Darbee 1080p always at the top list.

This Short throw projector is best for both watching the film and for playing the games.

The best part of this projector is the Darbee vision image processor. Which will always provide the contrast ratio of 28,000:1.

This projector will always provide you with the features of larger depth, lightning, object separation, and the large form of details. 

2. BenQ HT2050A

BenQ HT2050A

This product always comes under the category of a normal projector. The contrast ratio of this project is about 15,000.

It will provide you the features of low latency speed which is about 16 millisecond.

Which is best for the gamers as well. This is the best option for all those people who love live streaming games.

The BenQ HT2050A consists of two 10w speakers that will always provide you with the crystal clear sound which other devices will never provide you.

3. Epson Home cinema 1060 full HD

Epson Home cinema 1060 full HD

The Epson company always designs a unique type of Projector that provides the features of a widescreen. It will always give you a viewing range of about 300.

One of the best parts of this projector is that it is suitable to play in the daylight also.

So whenever you are watching whether it is night or day you will always get a crystal clear view. They even consist of the best contrast ratio.

These are some of the products of the best Short throw projector which will give you the best picture quality and you can even turn your house into a small theater.

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